Friday, 5 September 2014

365, 112-125

Oh my gosh, it has been so long since I wrote any actual posts, a lot has happened! I'm currently typing this from desk in my bedroom at uni! I'm so pleased to have moved in, I have a room tour post coming up soon! I didn't think I'd been up to much since we last spoke / when I last did one of these posts but apparently I've done quite a bit! I actually have a fair few things to share with you, recipes, lifestyle posts, beauty reviews, food reviews &more! No outfit posts yet sadly, but I'm hoping to take some photos next week! I'm so pleased to back blogging and what better way to end my hiatus than to share my last two weeks worth of 365 photos! So what have I actually been doing whilst I was on my Hiatus?
 112. I went for dinner with my sister to Slug & Lettuce in Durham a post all about the amazing food is to come soon!
 113. I did the whole 'pop to Lewis' for half an hour' and stay till 1am and eat cheesecake and watch Hannibal thing again.
 114. A Caramel Creme solves anything.
 115. I had my first work night out! Here I am with Amelia in the Southfield toilets, super classy I know.
 116. This is the most beautiful copy of Alice I've ever come across, I'm so pleased it's mine!
 117. When everyone is sad buy a whole load of cakes/pastries it works a treat!
118. Matte Black is my favourite nail colour. 
 119. My gran took me to Bell's in Durham for Sausage & Chips for dinner, it was perfect!
 120. Emilia bought me some Nerds because she's a good sister!
 121. I got the nicest new bedding, yey for Tesco!
122 Buffy The Vampire Slayer & Icecream in bed, is there anything better? 
123. I am completely 100% in love with this coat, I can't wait to feature it in one of my outfit posts soon!
 124. Starting new books is my favourite thing. This one is sooooo good.
125.  My last morning cuddles with Oli for a long time, super poor quality but it's all I have from Sunday.

So as you can see I did quite a bit, the trip to Durham with my sister was lovely, we had a good catch up and I may have treat myself to a wonderful new skirt from Newlook! The work night out was so much fun, definitely an interesting night! I got to see both of my best friends in the past two weeks too, I saw Sam Sunday gone and it was so nice, her family are my favourite they're all so sweet! I love them. I even had a cheeky trip to the pub on Friday to get away from the family drama, and said goodbye to my baes I'm proper gonna miss Shaun & Michael now I'm back in Middlesbrough.

Have you missed me? What have you been up to whilst I've been gone? Any posts I should read?
K. x
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  1. I love that coat! It's such a beaut! What an adorable Alice in Wonderland cover too. Toliet mirrors were made for those photos I say and Nerds are the best sweets ever! I'm so glad to see you back again! It's all back to school madness here but it's going through smoothly.

    Rhiannon x
    The Sparkly Panda