Friday, 19 September 2014

365, 133-139.

First off I'd like to apologise for my absence this week, I've been dying of that horrible flu bug cold thing that's been going around. I couldn't even put a light on the other day cause my head hurt so bad, I'm still suffering with the sniffles and the worst chesty cough ever but I'm sure it's almost over and I can go back to breathing properly. Anywho last week was actually quite a busy week oddly! Monday I had a few meetings to go to and then I sat in a hid from the rain. Tuesday one of my best friends Lewis came to stay and we went out for a Manjaros and then Mixtape with Chris and Michael sadly I didn't get mortal 'cause I only had £7 but it was still a good night. Wednesday was spent dying and stripping my hair I ended up a lovely ginger colour but Thursday that was sorted out so I was more dark ginger than bright orange because the lovely Beca came to visit and sorted my hair out bless her. Saturday I spent with my family because Emilia turned 18 on Thursday so my dad took us all out for a proper nice meal and that then Sunday I spent the day dying in bed watching Buffy and drinking milkshake because I was beginning to get this bloody illness.
133. I love this ring holder it's one of my favourite items in my room. 

 134. All ready for Keys in my favourite PVC skirt.
 135.  Lewis is the greatest he brought me Red Velvet cake.
 136.  Cookies n Creme milkshakes are the greatest.
 137. My accidental ginger hair. That I rather love and have decided to keep.
 138.  Emilia's 18th Birthday meal with my 3 favourite little shits.
139.  There's nothing better than a glass of Nesquick Strawberry milk!
So my week was busy but not overly exciting haha. How was yours? 

K. x
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  1. Hahah aw you make me laugh so much! <3

    Danniella x