Tuesday, 30 September 2014

365, 140-153

As if I'm now Two weeks behind on my 365 posts! To be fair though, last week was freshers so I didn't have much time to do any blogging during the week and then I realised this is a new week and needed to do the photos from last weeks 365 so I decided to just combine them obviously. So what have I been doing? Not a lot really, getting a little bit merry catching up with friends since everyone's back for uni now. Today I attended a Pilates session, I'm not sure if I like it or not since I'd rather be working out more than doing something so slow! Although I do feel a little relaxed now haha. 
140. Autumn is here at last! This is at the end of my street it looks so pretty!
141. I am so excited for the new Slipknot album, I'm reading every single interview I can find!
142. Cupcakes with marshmallow frosting! I can't wait to share with recipe with you all.
143. Pizza is the way to my heart.
144. Living off cookie crisp until payday/loan day!
145. Feeling sad requires ridiculous amounts of sugar.
146. The first night of freshers required me to make a major effort when getting dressed! 
 147. Monday meant more freshers antics with these sluts.
 148. Tuesday was meant to be a quiet night in which resulted in getting Abbey mortal and spending the next day dying.
 149. £1 pizza? It would be rude not to!
 150. Ripped knees are my favourite.
 151. Say hello to Sam's birthday cake! I am so goddamn proud of it! Me and Her sister and her Mam did it, it's just I'm proud as punch!
152. Happy birthday to Samantha! The bestest friend I have ever had! This is the nicest photo from the night, she had a steam punk themed party it was pretty awesome, I'm considering writing a post on it but everyone was pretty drunk so the photos aren't the most beautiful haha. 
153. Sunday meant travelling back up North, which required a good breakfast because I kid you not losing far too many games of beer pong and drinking 3/4 bottle of amerreto is not good for anyone! 

So I've been busy socialising for once as you can see! I've had a fairly fun past two weeks I won't lie. I am pleased to be back at uni this week though, although at the same time I'd like a few more months off because this year is where the hard work really starts but fingers crossed I'll survive it!
How has your past two weeks been? Have you been up to anything interesting that I may have missed? 

K. x
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