Thursday, 25 September 2014

Room Tour // My Bedroom At University.

About four weeks ago I finally moved into my new uni house which is pretty much the same as my last one and is across the road and about 5 doors up from last years too! Haha. This year though I'm super lucky to have the biggest bedroom, which is kinda funny 'cause I'm the smallest person in the house haha. There's so much floor space though I actually have no idea what to do with it all. I just keep sitting in it like maybe I should get a rug or something? Haha. A lot of my items in the room are pretty much the same as I had in my room at my mams but I got some new pieces and thought instead of doing a haul post to share them with you I'd just do another room tour! So I hope this doesn't bore you and you enjoy taking a peek into my new bedroom! 

Bedside lamp - TK Maxx, Bedding - Tesco , Gold Stag - Sainsburys. 
How perfect is that bedding?! I got the majority of my bedding last year for uni from Tesco so when I needed a new set I headed there first, the second I saw this one I was in love, it's a fleecy material so it's proper snug and I love the print. Stags are definitely one of my favourite things, I blame my grandparents. You can't really tell but the bedside lamp is a bird cage with three little birds in it, I picked it up in TK Maxx/Home Sense last summer for £5! £5 I was so happy man. It's so pretty when it's on. 

Washing basket - Wilkinsons, Butterflies - Vintage, Owl candle - Home Bargains, Jon Snow Pop Vinyl Figure - Forbidden Planet, Wood Giraffe - Durham market, Teacup Candle - Home Bargains, Teapot book ends - Home sense.
I had to bring all my favourite books with me to uni, you have no idea how hard it was to decide which ones to bring with me because I have so so many books it's ridiculous. I love my little Jon Snow vinyl figure too, they've just released some Buffy ones and I want them so bad. I might have to start a little collection off! 
Look at all that floor space! What am I supposed to do with it? If you have any suggestions please let me know 'cause I feel like it just looks bare haha.
House candle holder - B&M Bargains, Poison decanter - Gift, Hip Flasks - Jack Daniels & Urban Outfitters, Pencil case - Wilkinsons, Floral/Spotted tins - Wilkinsons, Giraffe mug - Knowsley Safari Park, Photo frame - Paperchase, Diary - Paperchase, Calendar - ASOS
My desk area has to be one of my favourites, I love how you can just take one look at it and tell that it belongs to me. I really like sitting at my desk, although it's kind of distracting due to the size of the windows because I can see everything going on in the street meaning I can do a good amount of people watching haha. Although the windows do mean I have to close the curtains every single time I get changed or else the entire street will see my naked body and no body wants that! I opened my curtains the other day as the person opposite looked up and he waved at me and shouted morning, I didn't know what to do. 
Chest - Vintage, Make up box - Ted Baker, Floral Storage boxes - Sass & Belle, Cacti - Ikea, Watch - Fossil, Rings - Rock N Rose, Primark & Drop Dead, Stag Ring Holder - ASOS
I love this little section of my room too, I love how well the chest has worked out. The chest was bought by my parents when they'd just married or some shit like that in the 90s and it was second hand then. When I was about 5 it was mine and my sisters toy box and we scribbled all over it mainly Emilia so it was in a bit of a shitty condition, for the past year it's just sat in my grans bedroom so we decided to sand it down and paint over it and I love how it looks. I'm so pleased we kept it and didn't chuck it cause of it's condition. It's brilliant for storage and it's nice to sit on too. The floral boxes are one of the best buys I've made, I found them in on a stall in Durham Market last year for about a tenner, I saw them again last week in Debenhams for £20 I definitely bought them at the right time. Of course I brought my mini cacti with me, so far I haven't killed them which is a plus! Finally I absolutely love this ring holder! Do you think maybe I like stags a little bit? Haha. It's so pretty. 

So this room tour was pretty boring compared with the last, most likely because the room is so much bigger so really it's more of a room details tour isn't it? I hope you've liked having a little peak into my room though. I'm really hoping that since the window is so big it means I can get much better outfit shots! Fingers crossed ey? Since I have loads of outfits to share with you and with my loan going in soon I'm obviously going to have a fair few new outfits to share with you as I really need to get some new winter clothes! Haha.
Have you do a room tour? If so I'd love to see!

K. x
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  1. Your room is really nice! I have just moved into halls and, to be honest, I would love to have a bigger room but I am uploading a room tour soon. The bedding is gorgeous too. :)

  2. Your room looks awesome, and that bedding is just amazing!

  3. I love your bedding! The print is so lovely. The butterflies on your wall look beautiful as well. You have such a nice room! x

    Mapped Out | Fashion, Beauty, Lifestyle

  4. YOUR ROOM IS AWESOME! I LOVE IT. It's so you! It looks so cosy :3

    Danniella x

  5. Those windows are crackers, I would definitely be the accidental street-flasher haha I love your room though, Kloe :) it's lush! I think you need a nice rug, maybe like a woven scrap fabric one (if you know what I mean?) xx

  6. What a lovely room. Just randomly stumbled upon your blog when searching for inspirational you do...and I agree, the chest and the way you've laid it out looks lovely.

  7. What a lovely room. Just randomly stumbled upon your blog when searching for inspirational you do...and I agree, the chest and the way you've laid it out looks lovely.