Tuesday, 9 September 2014

Trying Somewhere New // The Slug & Lettuce Durham

It is a well known fact that I really really love food, especially desserts. Just before I went on my blogging break me and my sister decided to go for food in Durham but wanted to try somewhere different, after much internet searching we decided to go to The Slug & Lettuce. Mainly because they had what sounded like the most amazing dessert ever on their menu (more on that later, let me tell yo it did not disappoint!) plus on a Monday they have 50% off your food bill! What more could you possibly want?! I mean seriously.
I'm not going to lie to you I was a little hesitant at first about trying Slug's food menu since I usually go in there for drinks so I was skeptical about how good the food would be, I expected it to be like 'spoons good but not exactly amazing. Oh how wrong I was!
I wore my favourite outfit of the moment, I really should share it with you!
When me and Emilia go for food we like to go all out, especially if nachos are on the menu, because how can you say no to nachos? Like come on. These nachos were a little different and came with spring onion on top which made Emilia super duper happy. I wasn't blown away by the nachos to be honest and I wasn't really a fan of the salsa it was a little watery and not very spicy.
Emilia opted for a rather healthy option for her main course which was the Harissa Chicken Tostada Flatbread and it did look somewhat yummy not really my thing though I'm all about cheese and carbs haha. Emilia really enjoyed it though I've never seen her finish a meal so quickly!
I opted for the cheesiest, carbiest meal I could have found and my god was it delicious. I had the baked Carbonara and it did not disappoint. It was so good. A creamy cheesey sauce with major bits of bacon (no kidding the bits of bacon were massive!) It was just so good though the cheese on top was crunchy too so it was perfect and that garlic bread was pretty good too!
I won't lie to you to me Emilia's dessert was a little bit disappointing, she went for what the called the cookie cup explosion which is meant to be a cookie cup filled with brownie, mashmallows and chocolate honeycomb pieces with icecream. It was no where near as big as we expected, the cookie was sooo gooey though so that was a plus. My dessert on the other hand was everything and more I hoped it to be!
Chocolate pastry is definitely my new favourite thing, my god was it amazing. This is known as the Millionaires Meringue, chocolate pastry filled with toffee topped with chocolate ganache and meringue! It was so sweet and sickly and amazing. I'm literally drooling thinking about how good it was! I want to go back just for this. Just look at that molten toffee and chocolate spilling out! Oooh man!

I'm pleased we picked some where new to try for food instead of hitting Nandos or Chiquitos like usual. It's now my aim to try new food places because they could have absolutely unreal desserts that I had no idea about! I'm definitely going to try and eat at more places this year too, I deserve a treat now and again, why get a takeaway when I can go somewhere super nice for food?

Have you been to The Slug and Lettuce? What did you think? 
K. x
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  1. I had exactly the same dessert at the Slug and Lettuce in York a couple of weeks ago, it was delicious!

  2. I've been to the Slug in Leeds and it is nice isn't it? My friend always gets the flatbread. What did I have? I think I embarrassed everyone and got a burger...

    Danniella x

  3. I love slug and lettuce! I've never had a dessert there though so think it might be worth going just for that!
    K xx

  4. My Mam and Dad love this place when they go to Edinburgh but I've never fancied it...mainly because of the name lol. Might check it out, Emilia's meal looked yummy!

  5. Oooh this sounds delicious <3