Friday, 10 October 2014

365, 154-160

I swear I'm writing these posts later and later into the week, I promise I'll get back to posting them on Mondays! Anyway, last week was the first week back at uni! Which meant I now have to start doing work again and that I have money again because holla student loan. Even though most of it has already gone due to my rent sadly. Last week called for a lot of catch ups, a lot of naps and a lot of getting back into a routine. I think I'm getting back into one but I'm not entirely sure but oh well I'll get there! I'm gutted though cause I did have to miss Make A Scene Festival because I was just far too exhausted which sucks. 
154. Starting the first day of term off the best way with a 'spoons big breakfast. Simply perfect man.
155. Spending my days dressing like a toddler.
156. These tea bag bath things from Whittards are amazing for a relaxing bath.
157. Feeling sorry for myself requires a tub of icecream to accompany the shitty movie I'm watching.
158. Dayumn look at those fitties! Friday called for a night out as Amelia had come up so me, her Amy & Sophie headed to empire where I may have drunk a little bit too much but I looked fabulous and it was such a fun night that it makes up for dying the next day. 
159. It's far too bright in my room on a morning with a hangover. Thankfully the hangover went away for the majority of the day, it just hit again at work.
160. I'm in love with these leggings, if you hadn't noticed I did an outfit post featuring them on Tuesday!

So my week hasn't been that busy but getting back into the swing of uni has definitely made me feel tired! I'm already looking forward to the Christmas holidays so I can just sleep in all day! Haha.

How has your week been? Did you do anything interesting? 

K. x
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