Saturday, 25 October 2014

365, 168-173

So I am extremely late in getting this post up, I swear I am so terrible at this blogging malarkey. I have been super busy all week though, I was only home Monday really, every other day I've been away or super busy so I haven't really had that much of a chance to blog! My bad. Last week feels so long ago I can't even remember what happened! I had a lot of uni I guess haha, urm. I didn't even do much I don't think, I did go out for Amy's 21st and baked her a penis shaped cake with Amelia which was fairly fun. Oh and Slipknot tickets went on sale and since I have the bestest dad ever I'm going to see them and I just cannot wait!

 168. Primark candles are my favourite, I've been burning these ones all week they smell amazing.
 169. Taking a break to read horrors because Halloween is just next week so I need to get into the spirit of it!
 170. All the leaves in our street are on floor all of a sudden due to this ridiculous wind.
 171. Amy's birthday cake before being iced. Here is the iced version.
 172. Amy's birthday selfie with Amelia.
 173. Technically I'm cheating and this is Friday buuut I looked like this till 2am on the Saturday then didn't take any photos at all on the Saturday so it counts!
174. Salted Caramel Cookies and The Walking Dead what more could you need on a Sunday? 

So as you can see my week wasn't that thrilling, this week that I've just had has been pretty darn good though but you'll have to wait till Tuesday to hear about that.

What've you been up to recently then? 

K. x
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  1. I so want your Jack mug, it looks amazing! Looks like you've had a fab week. You are looking stunning on your night out x

  2. A penis shaped cake!! Amazing! You look smoking hot as usual. Xx

  3. I highly approve of 169!
    And stop being so pretty in like every photo for goodness sake!