Friday, 31 October 2014

365, 174-180

Oh my was last week a busy one! I was about to say I didn't get a second to relax but Tuesday and Wednesday were fairly relaxed haha. I barely spent any time in Middlesbrough, I was in Leeds Tuesday night/Wednesday then I went home Thursday/Friday then worked all weekend, you could say I was a little busy haha. But the week started out fairly fun and exciting! 
Monday was spent trying to plan my uni work, catching up on The Walking Dead and packing for Tuesday. 
Tuesday afternoon I headed down to Leeds to visit Jamie / see Bury Tomorrow. I'd only briefly been to Leeds before so it was nice to actually see parts of it even though I only really saw the Mexican we went to for food and the students union but we did get a little lost so I did get to see some other parts of Leeds I guess haha. Also Bury Tomorrow were soooo good, we missed support but we didn't mind we'd had plenty of food and cocktails instead but oh man Bury Tomorrow Daniel Winter-Bates is such a babe. 
Wednesday I spent the day in Leeds before heading back to 'boro, I swear Wednesday was the most relaxed I have felt in months. 
Thursday called for a trip home, it was nice to see my gran / granda I even popped to my mam's to get some stuff and got to see my little baby Oli. 
Friday was grim, Saturday was filled with work and Sunday was spent catching up on sleep and trying to get uni work done! 
174. Adding important dates to my diary. 
 175. Train to Leeds, The most amazing Mexican food I have ever had (thanks Jamie!) & Forever dressing like a 12 year old school girl.
176. I swear I'm living off Frosties for dinner. 
 177. Cuddles with my baby Oli!
 178. I love how it's getting dark earlier.
 179. I got to hold a snake while I was working on Saturday at a Halloween event!
180. Netflix got Goosebumps what more do I need to say? 

So I had a fairly busy week last week, it was nice to see my family and catch up with Jamie though. Seeing Bury Tomorrow definitely made the week, I just wish I could do something super fun every week! 

What've you been up to recently? 
K. x
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    I'm going next Saturday, CANNOT WAIT :D did you see anything else apart from the uni?

    Dannie x