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A-Z of Me! F....

F is for Festivals
When almost everyone else I know is sat counting down to their holiday in Turkey or Greece I'm sat there counting the days to whichever festival I'll be attending that year. When they're buying bikini's and flip flops I'm trying to find the perfect rain coat and wellies. It's one of my favourite things getting excited for festivals, main stage headliners are almost always announced before Christmas come February you've decided which you're attending, tickets have been bought and you spend the next however many months listening to the bands that are on the bill not much else. Festivals are my favourite thing about the summer, now I won't lie I've only been doing actual camping festivals since 2010 but since then I've done Sonisphere twice, Download 3 times and Leeds once so I feel like I've done pretty well. I've done loads of them little one day festivals such as Slam Dunk which are always fun but nothing beats camping with some good company and showering with your best friend before heading off to get covered in either mud or burns while you watch your favourite bands. 
So lets go back to the summer of '10 I just finished my GCSE's I no longer had to go to secondary school what better way to celebrate than with my first ever festival? There was just me and my dad, I know loads of people who wouldn't go to a festival with just one of their parents but trust my dad is the coolest guy ever. I was pretty nervous at first and packed mostly for wet weather, the entire weekend was bone dry and so hot I had ridiculous tan lines off my knee high dr martens. We saw some amazing bands; Alice Cooper, Motley Crue, Rammstein, Bring Me, Slayer and many more. I was so depressed when the weekend was over, I wore my wrist band for almost a year until we went back! Haha. 
2011 Brought us Sonisphere too, this time Emilia and Eleanor tagged along as you can see from above they were no where near as impressed as me and dad. That weekend was a terribly wet one I won't lie it kinda made me never want to go to a festival again as it was so wet and cold! Haha. We did get to see Metallica again though which was amazing. We saw Slipknot too and took part in the 2 minutes silence for Paul Gray, that moment was one I'll never forget, imagine it a festival where everyone is silent in memory of someone, it was so surreal. Thinking about it still gives me goosebumps it was that surreal. I have no photos of 2012, but I went to Download Festival with my ex, it was extremely wet like super wet it was ridiculous just a river of mud. 
 2013 Saw me return to Download again but this time with my best friends, Sam, Lewis & Brandon. Sam's boyf Josh came along too and Jamie! It was weird not camping with my dad but I had such a good time with these guys. I did realise how much I rely on my dad though as I forgot to bring a hoddie and loads of other bits haha. He did come along for the day though which was real nice. That weekend we saw; Slipknot, Stone Sour, Enter Shikari, Jimmy Eat World, Rammstein, Maiden and so much more of course. It was one of the best weekends of my life. Even though it rained quite a bit it was such a good weekend. 
Me and Sam also took a cheeky trip to Leeds Festival in 2013, the main reason we attended and I scraped together every single penny I had was well Fall Out Boy were there. We'd loved Fall Out Boy for years and well you know it had to be done. It was one of the most emotional weekends of my life and I'm pleased I got to share my first time seeing FOB live with my bestest friend ever because we both fan girlled together I wasn't judged for how emotional I was or anything. It was great. Leeds meant we got to see some amazing acts too; Fall Out Boy, Eminem, Green Day, Bring Me, Chase & Status, Funeral For A Friend, Biffy Clyro to name a few. 
2014 Saw me spent Download Festival with the greatest people ever. Seriously these guys are amazing, the whole weekend felt so relaxed and so nice. I feel a little sad thinking about it 'cause it really was a perfect weekend. We had good weather and a fair few sunburns, we saw amazing bands, we got drunk and had a proper good time. We saw so many good bands; Aerosmith, Avenged Sevenfold, Linkin' Park, Fall Out Boy, Bury Tomorrow, The Pretty Reckless, Steel Panther.

So you can probably see why I love festivals so much, like what could be better than spending a weekend in a field eating food from all the different vans possible, listening to amazing music and being with your best friends? Sure we could have all gone to Spain or somewhere hot but would we have seen all those bands? Probably not. I can't wait to see where we plan to go next year, because it's a tradition now summer holidays are for festivals. 

What do you think of festivals? Are you doing the A-Z of me? If so please pop a link in the comments! 
K. x
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  1. Hahaha aww you're so young in the first few photos and then you turn into a complete babe towards the end. Does that sound creepy? hahahaha! I've never been to a festival but I absolutely HATE being cold, wet and dirty so I don't think I'm missing out toooo much ;)

    Danniella x