Thursday, 2 October 2014

Oh Hello Autumn..

Technically Summer ended a whole month ago buuut for me it ended Monday as that was when I had was required to attend my first lecture of the year and cry over the fact that in around 8 months time I'll have completed my degree and I'll have to go off into the wide world and become an adult. The thought of that absolutely terrifies me, it makes me feel sick to my stomach. I'm sad that summer is over because it means that's I have to start doing uni work again but I have so much to look forward to and to be honest this past summer has probably been one of the worst I've had. I thought it would be fun to have a quick look over my summer and to share with you all what I'm looking forward to over the next few months of Autumn!
Well  to say the least my summer was an interesting one! 4 months off from University was well needed but I wish it had all been fun and games. If you've followed me since before May you'll know what's up, basically this summer taught me that family can change so quickly and before you know it your whole life has been tipped upside down, you no longer have a mother who cares and have no where to live nor does your sister all because your mam has a new boyfriend. But then you find you have friends you didn't know you had who care and help you through it and I am so thankful to them, like seriously if you guys even read my blog you've been the best I'm so grateful you have no idea thanks for letting me cry and complain to you! It wasn't all extremely grim though June brought Download Festival with it, 5 days with my best friends and amazing music was just what I needed after exams, it was most definitely the best experience I had all summer. July brought with it a trip to Lincoln to visit Sam with Brandon and Lewis, I drank too many cocktails and ate too much cake but it was a perfect weekend with my best friends. July also saw me get a job at my favourite club in Middlesbrough (Empire) which was amazing. August saw me have my first work night out and also saw me become pretty good friends with Amelia who is one of the loveliest people ever. August also saw me take many trips to the pub with the lads, and cry over the fact I wasn't watching Blink 182 at Leeds fest. September saw me move back to uni and saw Emilia turn 18! 18! I'm so old man. It also saw me drink far too much alcohol due to freshers and eat far too much cheesecake and chicken due to Majaros being my new favourite place to eat!
Now it's October and the new Uni year has started and my summer has officially ended but I have so much to look forward to. October is my favourite month of the year, it's when everything starts to look pretty the trees are going Orange and starting to fall off, everything is flavoured or scented with cinnamon, toffee apples are everywhere and you've got halloween. The nights are starting to get darker and longer and all you want to do is wear thick jumpers and read a good horror. Oh I love it! Autumn is definitely the season I look forward to most, this year I have even more reason to! I have quite a bit coming up the next few weeks.
For starters toffee apples are on sale at Asda, I love toffee apples I wish they were sold all year round.
I have a couple of gigs coming up too! Which are fairly exciting on the 5th I have Make A Scene Festival with my friends Shaun and Michael where Funeral For A Friend are headlining so that's going to be so nostalgic and fun. The 21st of October see's me head down to Leeds to see Bury Tomorrow with Jamie, I'm pretty excited about this one 'cause I feel like I've been waiting forever to see them do a full set since I've only seen them at festivals. I'm also excited about going to Leeds cause I haven't been for years and I can raid Ark too hopefully! Finally I have A Day To Remember on November 23rd with my dad and sister and I really can't wait, I love ADTR so much it hurts.
There's Halloween and Bonfire night as well of course, I'm working Halloween but I still get to dress up and I'm sure it'll be a fun night. I hope I get to go to a good bonfire this year too, one where I can buy crappy food!

Sure I don't have a huuuge list of things I'm excited about but I'm sure I'll have so much more to do once I've settled back into uni and that. But for now the next few months is looking pretty damn good!
What are you looking forward to over the next few months? 

K. x
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  1. Cor, could you squeeze any more gigs in there? haha :) looks like you have plenty to look forward for! xxx