Wednesday, 12 November 2014

365, 181-194

So I'm a little bit behind on these posts! Two weeks behind to be exact so this is a bit of a longer post than normal but still. The past two weeks have been fairly busy ones, I've been doing so much uni work and catching up on sleep. I have done a few pretty fun things with you will see but recently I've just been loving food, life revolves around food this post is basically food. To say I've been so poor I couldn't do a proper food shop I've done really well on with what I have eaten. Although I've been so sad that I've had no cereal because cereal is like my favourite. So lets see what I've been doing/what I've been eating these past two weeks! Haha.
181. Shona brought everyone muffins for our Monday morning lecture!
182. I went to see Ghostbusters at the cinema and I've finally seen all of it, I've never made it to the end until now!
183. I made Abbey into a zombie, I was so proud of  my liquid latex skill!
184. So many late nights have been had with all this work.
185. Halloween at work required dressing up, I'm Wednesday Addams if you didn't already guess. 
186.  All the stag print ever. Cosy Saturdays in bed are always needed after long shifts at work. 
187. Long weekends at work also call for take away dinners because I just need to die in bed 'cause I'm too tired to do anything else. 

188. Lush's Northern Lights bathbomb is my new favourite thing. Review coming soon!
189.  I finally got my tattoo finished and I'm so happy with it!
190. Toffee apple pudding with custard is the best thing ever.
191. Homemade carbonara is my favourite thing ever....
192.  Festive bake wells are the best.
193. Baking really helps with stress, toffee and chocolate chip cupcakes with fresh cream
194. A cheeky spoons treat for Sunday night dinner. 

So I've shared sooo much food on this weeks post, never mind ey? I just really like food. 

What've you been up to? What have you been eating? 

K. x
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  1. You're so brave with all your tattoos! I wish I wasn't such a wuss. We definitely need to meeeet <3

    Dannie x

  2. This post is making me hungry lol. Now I need to go track down some festive bakewells and toffee apple pudding xD

  3. I swear this post is just to make me hungry! haha I'm actually gonna cook some sausages now!
    Yey for finished tattoos and stag prints and you as Wednesday! haha :D


  4. Look at all the delicious food! :D I love the Wednesday Adams costume, looks so good on you! :D