Wednesday, 26 November 2014

Christmas Wishing

So it appears life once again got in the way of blogging, but you know uni has to come first sadly. But I should be back to posting at least twice a week as I only have one assignment left for this term so I can breathe a little haha. But I'm bringing it back with a Christmas based post, because can you believe it is Christmas in just under a month?! How quickly has that come around, I can't believe how soon it'll be here and gone, I am rather excited for all the food though. Pigs in blankets just don't feel the same the rest of the year. I'm also super excited to give my little sisters their presents, Eleanor has done pretty damn well this year and well Annabel still believes in Santa so it's always fun to give her presents. I'm also excited about my dads present, because it's going to special 'cause I'm a top daughter and all that. Anyway this post is all about what I'd love to receive for Christmas, a few wishlists so everyone can get an idea of what to get me, as I'm sick of trying to think when I get asked haha. I'm obviously not expecting everything of my list but a few bits would be nice of course.
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First up we have the beauty based products! As you can see I'd like a few lipsticks this year, I'm still 100% in love with the CT Matte lipsticks, since I first saw them owning one is all I've wanted the shades are sooo perfect. The Lush bubble bar is my new favourite thing finding one of these under the tree would be amazing, it make bath time so pretty, speaking of bathtime have you smelt Philosphy's Cinnamon buns? Oh my god, since I first smelt it a few winters ago I've been dying to get my hands on a bottle, but I am forever too poor to pay £14 for one (it breaks my heart). I'd really like some perfume this year, Black XS has been my go to perfume since I was about 13 now so a new bottle wouldn't go a miss, yet I'm also pretty in love with Gucci Guilty. 
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Onto clothing and accessories, I'm shocked I don't want more clothing to be honest haha and as for that beautiful perfect watch I think I already have that sorted if my dad has been able to find it in stock somewhere! What a shock I've got 3 Drop Dead items in here, I love the new collection that top is brilliant for Monday mornings, the itchy & scratchy jumper has been on my list for months as for the bag, I could really just do with a weekend bag/holdall haha. The tartan dress is an obvious must add to my already tartan filled wardrobe, I like that this one has a black waist band though as it makes it a little different to the usual. The Abandon Ship dress is still 100% perfect and would look great on me don't you agree? Don't you just want to get me it? Haha. I'd love a Pandora ring with my birthstone in but I'll probably ask for this for my Birthday instead, finally I need a black flower headband/crown so I can be queen of the goths, this Ark one is perfect!
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Finally the everything else section, this is probably the section where I pretty much need everything on it. Aside from the lunch box I accidentally ended up buying myself one today haha. I feel like another camera needs to be in my life, ever since I was little I've found Polaroids amazing but I hate the look of the newer ones but this Fujifilm Instax camera is perfect it's so cute and it gives you instant photos which is what I'm looking for! Thinking about it this wishlist looks a little geeky but I have no shame, I need season 3 of Game of Thrones I have the other two boxsets so I need this one too. How amazing is the cover of that edition of A Clock Work Orange? I already have a kindle copy but a paperback wouldn't go a-miss. POP VINYL HAVE SPIKE FROM BUFFY and I feel like he would look perfect on my bookshelf, how cute is her?! In serious need of him seriously. I want a stuffed Ewok more than anything, I have to stop myself buying one every time I see them, if someone bought me a stuffed Ewok I'd probably love them forever. Haha.

So I appear to want/like a lot of items for Christmas but I'm not actually asking for all of them just giving people an idea. Haha. I love gift buying at Christmas, I love looking at peoples wishlists too. I'm far too excited about giving my gifts this year!
What do you want for Christmas? Have you made a wishlist?

K. x
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  1. God there's so much I want! Adding stuff to my own wishlist now :P xxx