Thursday, 6 November 2014

Get Social With Me!

Hello you lovely people I am becoming such a ridiculously bad blogger, Third year is definitely getting the better of me! I swear all I do is work and sleep! Although I'm lacking on the blogging front I'm keeping somewhat up to date on other forms of social media so I thought I'd share with you guys how you can keep up to date with me when I'm away from the blog or just when you want a good nosy or a chat!

Twitter is where you can read my either extremely hilarious and sarcastic tweets or my super depressive my life hurts I need sleep tweets. I usually update twitter daily with whatever's going through my head, sometimes I look over it and really think I should filter my thoughts and feelings as sometimes I write without thinking. I also write some really ridiculous things but I can't help it I find myself pressing tweet before I even realise what I'm sharing! I also use twitter to chat to other bloggers and find out about events and such, feel free to pop over and say hi on there. Ps. Sometimes my language on twitter is utterly awful I do apologise in advance but I can't help it. 

How did I ever survive without instagram is a question I often as myself, where did I post pointless photos of my cat or what food I'm eating or all my selfies. What did I do before I ask you?! Sadly I won't be posting many cat photos anymore since I'm living at you but I can confirm that I will be posting countless selfies, lots of food and whatever else I fancy be it a pretty bubble bath or mounds of work with a moany caption. I tend to update instagram when I have something somewhat interesting to share it used to be a daily thing but my life really isn't all that exciting these days plus people seem to really judge you for taking millions of photos! 

Now I think it's a little bit rude if you don't already follow me on bloglovin' do you not? (only joking, I would appreciate it if you did though!) I mean it's probably the easiest way you can keep up with not only my blog but the posts I've loved through out the week on other blogs. I absolutely love the little heart save feature as it means I can go back and read some of my favourite posts again at a later date or share them with others. If you don't have a bloglovin' account I'd recommend using it as it's such a good network for blogging, it's so much easier to read posts on it than it is using the blogger GFC way.

Pinterest is my go to place for inspiration, it's perfect for pretty much everything, I have so many boards. Honestly I have so many food based ones a few beauty ones and of course a tattoo one. It's such a good way to get inspired and I could spend hours on it every day just pinning my life away. I'm forever pinning cake recipes I swear if I could be bothered to make everything I wanted to from there I'd be obese. I also have a style board and oh man half the clothes and styles are amazing, I really can't stop searching for fashion inspo.

I'm going to start by saying I don't update Good Reads almost as much as I should. I'm terrible at it, I update it as often as I remember but I kinda suck. I do enjoy using it to find out what my friends or fellow bloggers have read so I can add something new to my list. It's a great way to figure out if you're going to enjoy a book or if not from what people have in common with you. Go see what I enjoy, you might find something good to read.

Finally we have depop which isn't really social but I use it to sell quite a few bits and I love seeing what fellow bloggers have for sale as I'm forever lusting after half their wardrobes. I don't know if it's kind of cheeky including depop in this post but oh well I am. Why not. If you fancy a look feel free to check it out and if you see anything you like do help a girl out  haha. 

Feel free to follow me/add me on any of those accounts I love talking to new people and making new friends. Don't hesitate to say hello or to send me a link or two of your own :) 
K. x

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