Sunday, 16 November 2014

Paul Mitchell The Gift Of Style Event

On Tuesday I decided to take a day off from uni work to head up to Newcastle as I was invited along to another Paul Mitchell event at one of Newcastle's Gary Hedley Salons, if you remember I attended a event there for Paul Mitchell back in May. Considering how good the May event was and how much I loved having my hair done there was no way I was turning this invite down! Just like last time I was really rubbish I did take quite a few photos but they look a bit poor as I was too busy gossiping and getting my hair done to take decent ones and the ones of my hair are all thanks to Beca

Just like last time we were supplied with as much prosecco as we pleased, our glasses were never empty, which seemed like a good idea at the time but not after the headache that followed! There were also trays filled with sushi served by topless men, once again this really pleased me, we all know how much I love me some eye candy! After trying not to stare at the topless men serving food and too much gossiping I decided it was time to get my hair curled, I didn't catch his name but a really friendly guy did mine. I always feel uncomfortable in a chair at the hairdressers so I felt bad for not talking much but he did a wonderful job on my hair. I had lovely soft curls which made me feel so pretty, once I put my beret on to leave I felt adorable haha. The real reason we were there though was to find more about their Christmas gifts, the Lemon candle smelt amazing, Paul Mitchell have some amazing gifts on offer though the top of my Christmas list is The Art Of Volume Set. The packaging is beautiful as you can see below, the illustrations are done by Australian illustrator Sarah Hankinson who has also worked with Vogue! 

Once again I had such a good night, I love how relaxed it was, I hate feeling pressured into taking hundreds of photos and I like having a good catch up and that's what this was perfect for. I really think other companies could learn from this as it was just a really lovely event no pressure on you and all members of staff and the Paul Mitchell team were super friendly and helpful, answering any questions we had and good for a general chat. 
We were also lucky enough to receive amazing goody bags, Mine included a New CID Lipgloss in the shade Tickled Pink, Paul Mitchell Sculpting FoamPaul Mitchell Daily BoostThe Lavender Mint Moisturizing Shampoo and The Tea Tree Special Conditioner. I've already tried the shampoo and conditioner out and it's amazing, I can't wait to share my thoughts on all the products with you guys as I know the products will be amazing!

Thank you again to Paul Mitchell and Gary Hedley Salons for such a lovely night. 

K. x
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