Tuesday, 16 December 2014

25 Things I love about Christmas..

I decided that since I'm getting far too excited about Christmas I'd share my 25 favourite things about it with you! 

1. How pretty everything looks, all the fairy lights around town.
2. Tartan is EVERYWHERE, tartan has been my favourite print for as long as I can remember. Every year I get something tartan and that makes me super happy.
3. Stags / Deer are also everywhere, obviously this makes me super happy.
4. Wooly jumpers, I love a good cosy jumper. Although I don't own that many this year sadly.
5.  The atmosphere at Christmas is my favourite, everything is exciting and everyone seems to be feeling fairly cheery and all the children are super excited about Santa and I just love it! Haha

6. Everything is cinnamon or gingerbread scented or flavored and it's just perfect.
7. All the Christmas party food you've got your mozzarella sticks, mini sausages rolls and all the Pringles (Pringles are a Christmas food to me ok)
8. Speaking of food, Pigs in blankets. How can you not love sausages wrapped in bacon I mean come on it's just glorious.
9. Can I dedicate another number to food? I think so, lets talk all those desserts specifically Trifle! If you don't have Trifle at Christmas I am judging you soooo deeply. Trifle is the best thing ever, I rarely eat it at any other point in the year!
10. Screw it I'm dedicating one final number to food! ALL THE CHOCOLATE AND SWEET DEALS EVER. Everywhere has offers on sweets and it makes me so happy, my body probably hates me but oh man all the lindors you can eat!

11. I love love love giving people gifts, especially my little sisters as one of them still believes in Santa so it's just so much more fun!
12. Christmas movies, they're so shit and cheesy but you can't help but watch them and secretly love them.
13. Wrapping presents up, I love that feeling when you finish your shopping and you wrap them all up and just can't wait to give them out.
14. Thinking of gifts, buying them, I love Christmas shopping call me crazy but I love it, probably because I'm always done by the 10th of December!
15. Baking, baking Christmas goods is one of the best things, I'm fairly sure we make a corned beef pie every Christmas eve and then with the left over pastry we make coconut and jam tarts and they're the best things ever.

16. Fenwick's Christmas window is always a highlight of Christmas in Newcastle, this years is definitely my favourite with it being Alice in Wonderland theme.
17. For me Christmas always means a new book to read, this year I know I've definitely got 2 new ones and I can't wait to start them!
18. Christmas TV! Christmas specials are the best! This year I'm fairly excited about Dr Who and Downton Abbey!
19. Christmas films too, my favourites are The Grinch, Elf, Love Actually & A Muppets Christmas Carol.
20. The build up to Christmas is of the things I love, I always feel a little sad when Christmas day is here 'cause you have all the fun preparing for it, buying presents getting excited etc I love that part!

21. You get to eat chocolate every morning for breakfast as it would be rude not to eat your advent calendar on time!
22. Is it selfish to say getting presents? 'cause I sure do love getting gifts haha, if you say you don't I believe you're lying!
23. Seeing the family, you always see the entire family around Christmas don't you! Like those members you only see once or twice a year. Plus Christmas day is like that one day where you don't really talk to many people outside of your family well at least I know I don't.
24. I love the fact that I get holiday when it's Christmas, a break from work is one of the best things.
25. You can eat as much as you like and because it's Christmas no one can judge you fact!

What are your favourite things about Christmas? 
K. x
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  1. Such a cute post! I love seeing my family and of course the food mmmmm!

  2. This is such a lovely post! I am so looking forward to pigs in blankets. Words cannot describe the joy they give me.

    Rachael at broomfie.blogspot.com

  3. Ahaha I love this. And I'm gonna just pretend to like trifle... ;)