Wednesday, 24 December 2014

BEAUTY: | YSL Volupte Shine Lipstick Review

I won't lie but personally I hated this lipstick when I first used it, I hated how sticky it was compared with my matte lipsticks and how shiny it was. Yes it's a Shine lipstick but I didn't expect as much shine, I'm so used to mattes that I'd forgotten what shiny lipstick was like. After a few wears though I'm very much in love. If I'd tested it before I'd seen it I can honestly say I wouldn't have got it but I love the colour so much it had to be mine. I mean look at that beautiful red. 
After a few wears I've decided I love it as an everyday type of lipstick, it's great just to pop on to go out. Red lipsticks are my favourite and I own so many but I like how this one stains my lips when I've taken it off, I also like how soft it makes my lips feel. It's definitely worth it's price tag, it's no Chanel but I love it. One of my favourite things and the thing that swayed me towards picking this one is the eye catching design on the tube itself, it's so pretty I just want to sit and look at it and ooh and aaah. So shiny! (I'm like a magpie! Haha). The lipstick itself wears off quicker than matte lipsticks do but it still leaves a hint of colour on the lips which is what I love in a lipstick. If you fancy trying one you can find them at boots, I think I'll be adding number 16 to my collection next!

What lipstick do you like to wear? Have you tried the YSL Volupte Shine Lipsticks?K. x
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  1. The packaging is so pretty! I desperately want a YSL lipstick but I cannot decide which one!

    Rachael at

  2. Look at youuuu! You're so beautiful. I know what you mean, I wear mattes so much that when I wear a shiny one I'm like "eh what on earth is this?". I don't think I'd ever buy one of these as I'd much rather get another Urban Decay lipstick :D they're so good!

    Dannie x