Sunday, 11 January 2015

365 days of 2015, 1-7...

So after the resolution that was blog twice a week, my first week in 2015 has not been successful, to be fair I have had the flu since Friday/Saturday last week so it's understandable why I haven't blogged haha. So let us pretend I posted this on the 7th ;)  But the first week of 2015 hasn't been overly eventful but this week coming is super packed. So what did days 1-7 of 2015 bring me? 
1. I took a break from uni work to read a little of this beauty, I'm getting a small collection of leather bound copies I love it.
2. Taking a break from work for a Pizza Express dinner, this dessert was unreal man.
3. The flu was starting to set in so I tried to make myself feel better by drinking all the strawberry milk and eating all the white chocolate, sadly it did not work.
4. Planning my outfit for the first day back at uni, I wasn't a Skort fan until I saw this beauty in the Newlook sale.
5. Becca found me some Bacon Pringles at it was the best moment ever.
6. Tuesday seemed to be the worst ever day for my flu, I physically died in bed all day. All this medication has been my view for the whole week, feel for me guys.
7. My Buffy boxset arrived and it's the best thing I've spent my Christmas money on, I not really watched much else since.

How has 2015 treat you so far? 
K. x

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  1. 2015 hasn't been that bad for me! I had that awful flu just before Christmas so I'm glad I got it out of the way whilst everyone else suffers now. I've been a little lazy at the moment but I'm pulling myself out of it :)

    Dannie x