Sunday, 25 January 2015

365 days of 2015, 15-21...

The past 7 days have been so extremely busy, I feel like this week has been the most productive of my Third year! I've pretty much been doing work constantly since last Saturday, barely had time to think of anything but my final year project buuuut I have finally finished all my lab work which makes me extremely happy because all I have to do now is analyse my results and start writing my journal article fully! But enough about uni, the past 7 days also saw me go see Slipknot and go through the ridiculously itchy healing stage of my new tattoo. 
15.  This absolute beauty of a dress finally arrived from Abandon Ship Apparel. 
16.  Family photo on the way to see Slipknot who were amazing and you can read all about it here
17.  Feeling poorly means only one thing eating the last little bits of Christmas chocolate! 
 18. Sundays are made for dressing like a 13 year old emo and pulling silly faces. 
19.  Monday brought with it the first bit of full on snow we've had in 'Boro of course it didn't last too long. 
20.  Bubble baths are the perfect end to the day especially when you've got the flu. 
21. Itchy tattoos are definitely not the one. 

How has 2015 treat you so far? I feel like so far this year has been pretty eventful and I can't to see how the rest of it goes!
K. x
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  1. Oooh that dress is so super Ed Hardy esc - love it!! And urm, how do you have any Xmas chocolate left?! Mine was gone before New Year lol!!! Tattoo is looking lush too, dead cute!


  2. Your tattoo looks so cool - I love the crescent moon shape. Seeing Slipknot must've been awesome and I love the print on that dress as well! - Tasha