Monday, 19 January 2015

She wants to dance like Uma Thurman.. // OTTD

If you follow me on Instagram you'll know that over the summer I practically lived in these trousers, they were an absolute steal in the Topshop sale for about a tenner I think it was and the second I saw them I was in love. It took me a while to find something to wear with them and over the summer I opted for a vest now it's winter I'm usually wearing them with a long sleeved crop top or this new addition to my wardrobe from New Look I've never been a fan of higher neck tops until now but I rather love this one. Admittedly I don't wear the trousers as often as I'd like at the minute as I don't own a plain black jacket/coat aside from a leather one so it's a little chilly for that. Hopefully that'll change soon haha, another new addition to my wardrobe is this AMAZING clutch bag also from New Look 
Seriously though these trousers are incredibly comfortable, I could happily live in them haha. My plan for this year is to try and wear more variations of outfits since I pretty much live in the same rotation of outfits haha. I'm also going to try more things out of my comfort zone, at first I was unsure about these trousers as I worried the pattern would make my thighs look bigger but they seem to look the same as always which is good haha. Anyway I'm babbling and really I just love this outfit ok? Haha. 

K. x
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Post title is from Fall Out Boy's newest single Uma Thurman I was worried I'd hate the song and then hate the album when it comes out but so far I'm extremely happy with what I've heard! 


  1. You look lovely! The trousers and little clutch bag are gorgeous!

    BUT OMG THE TITLE OF THIS POST! I am obsessed with that song! I love Fall Out Boy :)

  2. Dat ass tho ;)
    Seriously loving these trousers! I can never pull of checks but you're working it!

    I'm feeling a bit meh with the new FOB stuff, but then again I hated Infinity On High when that came out so maybe it'll grow on me. I always compare everything they do to classic FOB though so I guess I'm always setting myself up for disappointment!