Saturday, 17 January 2015

BEAUTY: | The Library Of Fragrance, Fireplace Review

So before Christmas I was lucky enough to receive a bottle of the Library of Fragrance's Fireplace scent, I'm sure by now most of you if not all of you will have heard of LoF, who are a company who specialise in out of the norm scents. The reason I picked this scent was I thought it would be a nice scent for Christmas time, as it was described as the smell your jumper has after you've been sat by a fireplace for hours. Personally I love that smell but I found that this fragrance was extremely strong so I couldn't really wear it. It is however a really Christmasy/Festive scent and is amazing as a room spray which is what I have decided to use it for. The scent is captured perfectly in the bottle though which is exactly what you want.
Library of Fragrance is available at Boots so get yourself down and have a sniff, there's such a wide range of scents some absolutely amazing sounding ones and some rather whacky. Personally I'd love to try out; Paperback (who doesn't want to smell like a book?!), Lemon Meringue and Thunderstorm. Some of my favourite novelty scents include; Dirt (all I can think of with this is smelling like you live in a Garden Center haha.), Play-Doh and Pizza!

Have you tried any products from the Library of Fragrance yet? 

K. x

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  1. I've seen these about and love the idea of them! A shame that it's hard to wear though x

  2. Okay so I need to raid my local Boots, paperback and thunderstorm sound perfect. So does anything firey or smoky!

  3. That's such a shame you couldn't wear it! I'd wear a sweet smell like marshmallow or chocolate - I know they do a pizza one though!

    Dannie x