Monday, 2 February 2015

365 days of 2015, 22-28...

The days 22-28 have been a bit of a blur if I'm honest, I've been so busy I haven't had a moment to breathe which explains my lack of blog posts. I have however finally got into a blogging/uni routine which means I should be back to blogging on a regular basis! (Unless I have major deadlines). So what did the days 22-28 actually bring me? I had lots of work and a ridiculous hangover, I also got to see my best friends which was fun. 
 22. This combo seems to be my go-to outfit when I just can't be bothered with uni, I do love a good tartan and Dr Marten combo like.
 23. I am in love with these trousers I could live in them, to be honest I did for 3 days.
 24. The Saturday was Lewis' birthday meal so I headed home / to Durham for a meal with my best friends from school and to visit my cat. We ended up having a Chiquitos which was the worst meal ever, there was a lot of mix ups including Sam being given meat after we checked loads it was a veggie option and we didn't get an apology! But I did have a really nice dessert which was good.
 25. Technically this was Saturday buut I wore the same outfit Sunday and I was fairly busy all day doing work so I didn't get chance for a photo.
 26. Have an insight into my university life! Monday was spent trying to finish project work off, I swear this machine is the bane of my life it hates me but it sums up my Monday.
 27. Tuesday means Mixtape in 'Boro. This time we had actual reason to go out as it was Chris' birthday. I of course drank far too much and ended up a right mess at the end of the night.
28. Wednesday was cold and wet and my life just hurt. It was only made better with naps, cuddles and chicken strips.

Tequila does not mix well with me is what I learnt this week. What did you learn? 


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    1. Aww thank you! That's soo sweet! I'm in desperate need of getting it cut haha. xx

  2. I'm trying to take a photo everyday of 2015! Sometimes it's hard, on school days there is nothing interesting or photo-worthy!! that dessert looked gorgeous by the way!
    Anna X

    1. I agree! Sometimes I'm just in the library all day which isn't exactly exciting haha. xx