Sunday, 15 February 2015

365 days of 2015, 29-42...

So I'm two weeks behind my 365 but I have been fairly busy with uni work and I also spent last weekend absolutely dying, no joke I had a chest infection so bad I could barely breathe and ended up on antibiotics. So I spent the past week dying and the week before that busy with Uni, I feel as if I'll probably be posting less frequently over the next few weeks as most of my deadlines are in March and I have A LOT of work to get done. I'm sure I'll be able to post once or twice though and no doubt I'll update twitter and instagram so you guys won't be able to miss me too much haha, but lets see what has been of days 29-42 of 2015 ey?
29. Caramel Cheesecake and cream is my favourite.  
30. Lord Of The Rings is definitely the best way to spend a relaxing Friday night!
31. This is definitely a highlight of 2015, I finally got to meet Daniella! And have a catch up with Chelsea Libby over cocktails and cheesecake at the Purple Pig in Boro. (My opinion of the place is that the cocktails were yummy, the cheesecake was unreal, the mac & cheese was alright, the fries was amaze and the company I was with hilarious.) 
 32. All I can say is that my mug is way better than yours. 
33. Reading Lolita again as I didn't complete it last time, so far it's been abandoned for uni work haha.  
34.  Have a wonderful photo from my walk to uni, Middlesbrough look as miserable as always.
35. I spent the afternoon with Shona catching up over Brownies and tea at The Olde Young Tea House before heading to MIMA to see the David Lynch exhibit.
36.  Coffee is the only thing that keeps me going on a morning.
 37. A uni trip to Newcastle called for a play about in the Center For Life, apparently I'm somewhat unique 
38. After spending half my day waiting to see a doctor and being given antibiotics (thanks dad for taking me and making sure I got sorted!) I was pretty much sick of life but pug socks make everything better.  
 39. Toffee flavoured KitKats are my new favourite thing, this was sooo good. 
 40. Son's Of Anarchy is my new favourite TV show, I'm 100% in love with Jax and almost there with Opie. I seriously can't stop watching it!
41. Emma from Uni got us all these cute chocolate bars from her trip to London.  
42. Ending my course of antibiotics meant I could order cocktails whilst at the pub quiz with the girls from my course. The first & last rounds were Harry Potter themed and of course I smashed them sadly we are really shit at sport and current issues but we're going to brush up for this week so fingers crossed!

So it seems like for me 2015 so far has been filled with food and university! I'm hoping once I have less work to do my life gets more fun and I start to do more exciting things with my day instead of just sharing photos of my food with you guys! Haha.

Hows 2015 treating you?
K. x
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  1. I wish I got to sit and drink cocktails with you girls, I bet it was so much fun!!
    Ahh Sons of Anarchy was SO GOOD. We've just finished the entire series and my god was it good.

    Leona xx

    1. Aww we'll have to arrange a date for everyone we want to meet to have cocktails haha,
      Oh man I'm only half way through season 3 can't get enough of it! xx

  2. The Toffee KitKat is the best thing ever. I kind of want to start hoarding them for when they inevitably dissapear

    1. It really is! I'm considering doing just that! Haha.