Monday, 2 February 2015

Introducing Written in Black Lipstick

So a few months ago myself and Beca decided we were going to write a new blog between us, we had a few brain storming sessions we decided what we wanted our niche to be, how we were going to write and all the other stuff that goes into writing a blog and that is how Written In Black Lipstick was born. We decided that there was a lack of nerdy/alternative blogs it may be obvious from looking at us (it may not I'm unsure) that we're into more alternative music, brands and such so that's what our blog will be all about.
We won't be discussing the latest benefit product or those to die for shoes everyone is wearing we'll be talking about music, what gigs we recommend in the north east for the following month, alternative fashion and beauty occasionally too, along with movies and books. We're talking mainly lifestyle here and we're so excited to share it with you. Along with myself and Beca we have her boyfriend Craig involved and his first post on the blog is hilarious! We are also looking for other people to join us in writing the blog, either regularly or as a guest poster, if you think you'd fit in just drop us an email. 
I really can't wait to get proper posts written up and published and to see where the site goes, we'd love to know you're opinions on it and we'd love it if you supported our new venture and gave it a read occasionally haha.

K. x
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