Wednesday, 18 February 2015

It's My Birthday, Wishlist

Birthday 2015

So my 21st is in about 3 weeks time and I'm fairly sick of everyone questioning me about what I want, to be perfectly honest there's nothing I particularly want or need. So I may have lied there's quite a few things I want hence a wishlist buuut everyone keeps saying they need to buy me something to keep which is a little annoying since I don't really wear jewellery. Although I have included 2 pairs of earrings on here but you know, I'm hoping my mam gets me a pair and so far my sister has promised me the camera so I can cross 2 things off my list I guess.
am dying to get my hands on a Tom Ford lipstick but I know this will not happen for quite a long time due to the price tag, but I can dream. Onto things I can probably afford or will be more likely to receive, how cute are these measuring cupcakes/spoons and the cookie cutters from Paperchase? I have cupcake cases that are teacups those cutters would go so perfect with them! I feel like I've featured the Ewok and Spike enough for everyone to know that I just really need these guys, although I have got a miniature talking Ewok so a big one isn't exactly essential but Spike is. 
Of course new clothes and shoes would also be nice, those pjs are amazing but I can't find them on Topshop anymore! They were there last night though! The white dress looks perfect for the summer, so airy and pretty I just need it so bad. It wouldn't be a wishlist if I didn't feature any Drop Dead haha, I am in love with this dress. Both pairs of underwear are adorable, as soon as I saw CK did underwear I knew I needed some. Finally, I really need white shoes and these ones are so perfect  for the summer, I'm determined to own them by the end of March! 

What have you been wishing for recently? 
K. x
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  1. My birthday is in 4 weeks time (unfortunately I won't be 21!) and I've got one of those awesome little cameras on my wish list too .. I've hinted to Simon that I'd quite like it in yellow so let's see what happens (I'm pretty sure he's probably lost my list already!)

    Chloe x

    1. Aaah! We have close birthdays and that always excites me! Haha. Fingers crossed we both get one! ey? xx