Thursday, 12 February 2015

Layering up with ModCloth*

Spring might be around the corner but that doesn't mean we can just shed the layers and run outside as England is not known for being overly warm well at least the North isn't so you still need some layers. Personally when it comes to spring and summer my favourite layering items are cardigans or jumpers in place of a coat, and socks oh man cute frilly socks became my life last year with pretty much every outfit! When ModCloth got in touch asking me to create a style board using 3 layering items I just couldn't say no! ModCloth are one of my favourite companies and have featured on many a wishlist post and my favourite ever item from that featuring in this outfit post. I didn't think it would be that hard to create a layering look using items from ModCloth but it really was, it was major struggle to pick my favourite items! My main problem was picking from their amazing sweater/cardigan collection! I loved pretty much all of the patterned ones! Finally I ended up deciding on two looks and now I want to spend a ton of money on ModCloth!

layering with modcloth 2

One style I've been seeing everywhere I turn is monochrome, this makes me extremely happy as I pretty much live in the colour Black. The second I saw this Cardigan I knew I had to center an outfit around it, I love how it's just plain at the front then has the detail on the back. The trousers were the next item I spotted, (I just made a pun without meaning to go me!) and I just fell in love, I'm desperate for a pair to end up in my wardrobe before the spring gets here! Of course the main point of this post is layering! Whenever I wear a shirt I always wear a vest underneath or I feel a little naked this layer up vest is perfect, it's made of super soft material too so you know it's gonna be comfy! Of course a slightly over sized shirt would complete a layered look, it's casual yet smart enough for a meal or to wear to work! Finally, I'd complete this look with a bright bag, currently novelty bags are my favourite thing, I'm so pleased they're everywhere! 
layering with modcloth 1

I also love to layer with a dress, dresses make a great foundation for layering, you can wear so much underneath and on top meaning maximum warmth! Clashing prints are amazing right now, although I'm still not a major fan of spots/stripes clashing. I feel like although these prints are fairly similar they still slightly clash which is perfect for s/s 15. Nautical is also everywhere I look, navy, white and red along with all the stripes in the world! That is my reason for picking this beauty of a cardigan, I mean come on it's covered in anchors that's just amazing. Cardigans are an easy way to layer up when wearing a dress, of course you can go one step further and wear a shirt underneath too, a cute collared shirt is always my first choice for added cuteness and warmth. Of course it's not just your top half you can layer up, I know for one my feet get sooooo cold it's ridiculous, I've learnt to deal with this by layering cute socks over my tights and it's so snug I love it! 

So those are my two looks for layering up over the next few months, I feel like you can't go wrong with a cute cardigan as if you get too warm you can always take it off. I'm also 100% in love with both the monochrome look and the nautical one that is every at the moment.

How do you like to layer up when it's cold? 
K. x
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  1. those heart shoes are gorgeous! xo

  2. Both collages are really cute outfits! I'm so boring with my layering haha! It's just like top, coat, scarf, sorted' nothing exciting :p


    1. Aw thank you! I'm forever wearing socks over tights as my feet are always cold haha. xx