Sunday, 22 February 2015

Lush Middlesbrough Event; | Launch of Gorilla Volume 3 Perfumes!

Last week I was super excited to be invited to an event at Lush in Middlesbrough, I absolutely love blog events as I get to meet new people and there's almost always some free food and I looove free food! So when this one from Lush came along there was no way I was saying no. Lush has been one of my favourite brands since I was about 14, I could never go to the metro-centre without coming home with at least one bath bomb, since then I've become a massive fan of other products especially the face masks and bubble bars.
Anyhow last weeks event was to showcase their newest perfumes The Gorilla Volume 3 collection; Death Decay & Renewal and to give us a demo of the newest mothers day collection for 2015, I'm personally a huge fan of this a lot of it smells like Parma Violets you know the sweets you got as a kid! So it's amaze!
^ The Ultra Violet bubble bar in action, it smells amazing!
^Making our own Catastrophe Cosmetic face mask! I didn't realise how natural all the products really are, it's definitely inspired me to try and make my own face masks in future.

Now on to the main reason we were at the event, these beauties, although they've been available online since around Christmas they're now available in store. As soon as I heard the names of the perfumes I was super interested, I mean come on a collection known as Death, Decay and Renewal just sounds so amaze. There are three scents in this collection; Death & Decay it sounds like such an odd scent but is described as the pure scent of Lily mingles with over-ripe tones indole (upon research this sounds like a weird compound at first but apparently it has scents of flowers / orange blossom!), Kerbside Violet and All Good Things. Kerbside Violet is my definite favourite of this collection, it smells sweet yet not too sweet and has the smell of Parma Violets which takes me right back to my childhood, it's definitely on my to buy list. My second favourite was Death & Decay, to me I'm going to sound soo morbid but I definitely reminded me of like death but I'm going to put that down to the lillies, the smell of lily is evident in this scent but it's got another strong smell which I cannot for the life of me describe but it was such a nice scent. Finally All Good Things, to me this was the most masculine of the collection, with strong woody scents a bit spicy like cinnamon or nutmeg with undertones of sweet floral scents.
^ We also got a little chat about the Charity Pots, I never knew lush did these to be honest. They're pots of moisturiser which left my skin feeling amazing! But yeah the money from these go towards many charities which you can read about on the Lush website, my favourite Charity was against Badger Shooting, I love Badgers they're cute and yes they may cause TB but you could just vaccinate them not cull them!
We also received very generous goodybags! I am far too excited to use the Ultra Violet Bubble Bar and I know a certain little sister of mine is overly excited about the Phoenix Rising Bath Bomb and Yummy Mummy Shower Gel.
I'd really like to thank Lush Middlesbrough for inviting me to the event, I had an absolutely wonderful time. Considering it was their first ever blog event they did such a good job, I can't wait to see what they have planned for future! I also loved getting to smell the new perfume collection, if you're near a store pop in to give them a smell! 

Have you tried any of the Lush Gorilla Perfumes?
K. x
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  1. All Good Things sounds awesome. I love woody, spicy scents. I may need to pop into a Lush store and have a smell for myself!