Thursday, 12 March 2015

365 days of 2015, 51-64...

So somehow I've managed to miss another 2 weeks of my 365 posts?! Oh yeah because I've been a fairly busy little bee, I swear there is no rest in third year! Who said uni was fun? Until Monday I was verging on a break down and since then I've been so busy with life! I'm counting down to Easter so I can have a day or two where I just do absolutely nothing, not even going to get dressed or leave the house those days! So you'd think I'd have been up to some interesting things since I've been away right? Wrong I've been sat at computers constantly although I guess there's quite a bit of decent food been eaten and I did go to a Lush Even. This week has been a fun one but I can't tell you about it until next week! So day's 51 - 64 what did you bring?
51. I got invited to the Lush blogger event in Middlesbrough and it was so much fun!
52. My gran sent the cutest little parcel for me, I'm always running out of rice and she included a nice little treat cause she's the best.
53. My first fortune Cookie! Lets hope golden opportunities do come my way soon!
54.  I baked Cinnamon Roll Cupcakes!
55. Planning blog posts, in the best notebook ever.
56.  I started reading this for a bit of a break, but I didn't like the writing style so it's back on the shelf.
57.  Cholera has been the bane of my life, thank god I submitted it this week.
58. Essentials for essay writing, all the food and Star Wars really helps.
59. Ultraviolet is my new favourite bubble bar, lush you did good.
60.   I finally got my hair cut and dyed, it's only taken me like 4 months to do!
61. My favourite thing about massive windows is getting see the sky when it's starting to turn all pink.
62. I got a new cactus to add to my little family.
63. Have a selfie because apparently it's the only photo I took that day, clearly spent the day hating my life doing work.
64. The pub quiz on a Wednesday is definitely my favourite thing, wine and waffles are also good. 

How has this year been treating you so far? I've personally been pretty down until this week but hopefully it means my 2015 is picking up! 

K. x


  1. Hello, I love fortune cookies. I am planning on preparing my own for next party.

    If you want to check out my last post about organisation it's a click away:

  2. All the food and Starwars, now that I agree with!


  3. I always look forward to these posts! Your Gran and Granda are the sweetest!!
    Loving the cactus too :P