Monday, 23 March 2015

365 days of 2015, 65-78...

I am sooooo slack on these posts but I have good reason last week I spent most of the week celebrating my 21st and then the following week was cramming as much work in as possible as I had 2 deadlines and wanted to have a break over Easter. But I have actually been up to a lot more than usual in the past two weeks and I'm sure you guys will enjoy the posts I have coming up as things are starting to come to end with uni work allowing more time to do other things and I have comic con this weekend! But until then what have I actually done aside from uni work?
65. SU Breakfasts are quickly becoming my favourite things ever.
66. Lush bubble bars are the greatest.
67. New shoes make me happy.
68. Casually becoming addicted to Taylor Swift, I have no shame.
69. Finding Turkey Dinosaurs in Iceland is always a good thing.
70. Early birthday cookie dough with the fam!
71. Wednesday I turned 21 and celebrated the actual day with a meal with my dad, sisters and the other side of my family and it was just lovely I was spoilt rotten.
72. Goodbye the last of my unicorn horn, you will be missed. </3
73. Friday had the best ever lab at uni we got to chuck blood at walls and make a crime scene! Then on the Friday night I got to celebrate my birthday with my friends at Sumo and I had the greatest night ever even if I did throw up!
74. Saturday lead to more birthday celebrations this time with my best friends from home we went to Slug & Lettuce for the nicest food and cocktails.
75. Sneak peak of my dress for Comic Con this weekend!
76. New baking stuff makes me the happiest, I'm far too excited to bake these days!
77. St. Patricks day meant I had to go out with Chris, Nick &Michael and get mortal, it was also the last Mixtape while Chris is at uni which makes us all extremely depressed but it was a proper good night.
78. I bought new pjs and they are the greatest. Primark did good!

So those are the days 65-78, I can't believe how quickly this year is going! What have you been up to? 

K. x

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