Saturday, 28 March 2015

365 days of 2015, 79-85...

Hello Lovelies! What's this? I'm actually updating regularly what is actually going on?! I've actually been so productive over the past few weeks and done quite a lot of work so now I'm having a little bit of free time to blog and relax a little plus when this post goes live I'll be in Newcastle at ComicCon! Exciting times. So we're well into 2015 and I swear the majority of this year has been tears, stress and food but I guess it could be worse right? Last week however wasn't too bad, I was extremely stressed buuut it had some good moments so it's all good. 
79. Thursday was my final year project poster presentation, my projects all about decomposition and bacterial communities within grave soil! Sounds grim but it's super interesting. The day was a little sad cause it made us all realise how little time we have left at uni and together as a course but we also had a laugh during the day because there was some truly shocking posters. 
80. Friday was solar eclipse! I got up bright and early and met Chris to see it because I didn't want to be a nerd on my own. I also had pancakes on Friday and they were amaze. 
 81. Saturday was spent in bed, I am an extremely lazy person after a Friday shift and literally spent the entire day in bed till about 6! The only thing I actually did is stick my pictures to my wall!
 82. I made slutty brownies and they were amaze.
 83. I finally got around to taking a few outfit photos! Yey.
 84. This exists and it is the greatest thing ever, an Oreo Ice-cream Sandwich!
85. My birthday present from my best friends came and it is amazing, I've wanted a Death's Head for so long and now I have one and couldn't be happier!
Hows your week going? Have you wrote any interesting posts this week?

K. x