Thursday, 26 March 2015

I'll Reach in &Take a Bite Out of That Shit You Call a Heart.. // OTTD

Can we all take a moment to just appreciate how amazing Drop Dead clothing are? Like I am seriously 100% in love with this skirt and have been since I bought it back in the summer, don't ask me why it's taken so long to feature on the blog but it just has ok! But yeah seriously Drop Dead make the most amazing items, I have a few pieces by them that I pretty much live in.
The thing that instantly drew me to the skirt was the print, I'm sure you'll all have noticed that I have a heart tattooed on my thigh so the second I saw this I had to have it. The material is perfect it's not too thick so it's great for both summer and winter and it can be worn in a variety of ways. Plus it's Black and we all know I pretty much live in the colour Black aha.
So yeah I absolutely love this outfit and could happily live in it daily, the skirt is seriously the most comfy thing ever. I'm all about prints especially quirky ones I can't get enough of them! If you know of any companies I should check out please tell me because currently my wardrobe is looking pretty dire!
Outfit Details 
Skirt Drop Dead
Bodysuit ASOS
Cardigan Primark
Tights ASOS

K. x
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Lyrics are from one of my favourite Slipknot songs My Plague, sorry if anyone is offended by them!


  1. This outfit suits you very well. I know a friend that is in love with this brand.
    Do you keep your inspirations in one place? To read more go to Have a lovely day, Iga x

  2. I really like this outfit and these tights are so cool!! :D Gisforgingers xx