Tuesday, 24 March 2015

Turning 21..

So on the 11th I turned 21, I had planned to blog about it sooner but life got in the way since things got pretty hectic with uni work and I was far too busy seeing my family and continuing celebrations after my birthday. I can honestly say I have never felt so grateful in all my life as I did that week, I was completely spoilt rotten and can say I have the greatest friends and family ever. I honestly think turning 21 was the best birthday I've ever had! I'm not sure if that's because of the sheer amount of food I consumed, alcohol I drank or the company I was in? 

 My first birthday celebrations began on Tuesday when I got a visit from my Grandparents, Uncle Steve and my sister Emilia they ended up bringing me a huge surprise which was a stand alone mixer!! I couldn't believe it, I almost cried with happiness I swear I couldn't believe my gran and granda got me one since they were supposed to be getting me a Pandora ring I didn't expect anything else. However they also took us all out for a Pizza Hut because Pizza is my favourite and they had the most delicious cookie dough ever, SALTED CARAMEL I almost exploded with excitement!
The second celebrations were the Wednesday my actual birthday where my dad and Karen surprised me with that beauty of a cake above, it was absolutely massive and tasted unreal, it was so rich they got it made by Cakes & Chocolate by Carol and I cannot recommend her enough! I had even more celebrations on Friday but as this isn't food related I'll talk about them later.
My final food based celebrations were Saturday where I met up with my best friends (Sam, Brandon, Lewis, Michael &Shaun) for a meal at Slug & Lettuce I was hanging so I ordered so much food, the pasta there is definitely worth trying, as are the cocktails. Actually just go order everything from there ok? Although we didn't properly go out on Saturday I had such a good time catching up with my friends.

I was absolutely blown away by the gifts I received, I know everyone says turning 21 is a big birthday but I never expected to be so spoilt. I'm absolutely in love with my instax camera I feel like I've wanted an instant camera for as long as I can remember! The Alice in Wonderland print was an amazing surprise too as was the sweet hamper Dad did good this year! My gran is terrible and spoilt me far too much, on top of my mixer and ring she only went and got me Gucci Guilty and it's smells so good I can't deal, it's not like I've been lusting after it for 3 years! On top of that the girls spoilt me with baking related goodies and the cutest teapot I ever did see! Finally Emilia spoilt me with my first Tom Ford lipstick, I cannot wait to wear it!

 Tuesday was an accidental celebratory night out for my birthday as Michael couldn't come Friday nor people from work so I decided to head to Mixtape because there really is no where better on a Tuesday in Middlesbrough. I drank so many shots and amaretto and cokes I have no idea how I was still standing and able to eat on Wednesday! I had such a good night, I love nights out where they're so relaxed and everyone's drunk and dancing and it's just a really good night all round.

Friday night was the one I was looking forward to, Sumo is my favourite night out in 'Boro and I never get to go because I always work it so going out was super exciting for me. I invited the girls from my course (above), Chris, Nick, Amelia &Sammie for predrinks which was really where it started to get messy since some of us had to slide downstairs, others drank full bottles of wine and others just clearly drank so much anything and everything was hilarious. Onto Sumo where more shots were bought and champange was necked, queue having to leave early and throwing up but oh man what a night it was. I can honestly say I have the greatest friends at uni and they made my birthday super special. I had the most amazing night out, even if parts of it are a blur but hey ho that's what tequila does to you.

I honestly don't think I've ever had a birthday I have enjoyed as much as I did this one, I can't thank everyone who made it so special enough, I was so convinced it was going to be the worst one ever due to a lot of things but these guys made it real special.

How did you celebrate your last big birthday?
K. x
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  1. Happy Birthday! It looks like you had fun! Your birthday cake looks delicious.

    Today is all about unique, light blue! bit.ly/1OuMQ7f

  2. Happy belated birthday! Glad you had such an amazing time :)

    I haven't had a good one since my 18th but we rented a hall for that and half of college was there.

  3. Happy Birthday :) Your celebrations sound perfect x

  4. Happy birthday! :) I love your tea pot and litle cookie cutters :)

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