Sunday, 12 April 2015

365 days of 2015, 86-99...

Ooops I am two weeks behind, I'm seriously starting to lag on the blog front but in my defense I have a dissertation to finish writing for 12 days time so you know the pressure is on slightly. The past two weeks have been odd, I've mostly been feeling down and out of sorts, my best friend moved away and then I had family trouble and all of the uni stress known to man so it hasn't been the best or most exciting two weeks of my life. I hoping once my dissertation is out of the way I will feel better but probably not since I have exams to revise for straight after! Haha.

86. Lush Carrot Bubble Bars are my favourite things ever. 
87. This is quite possibly the most thrilling book I have ever read.. Not. 
88.  Comic Con! You can read my post all about my day here.
89. White chocolate & Spaced really do help when writing a dissertation, if you've never seen spaced it's amazing you've got to watch it. 
90. These are my new favourite skin care essentials, I feel like my skin is getting much better since using them!
91. Little treats to make myself feel better, Salted Caramel Galaxy is lush but super sickly.
92. IS THIS REAL LIFE OR IS THIS FANTASY. Yes Pineapple Jam is real and that makes me super happy. 
93. I went home to visit Gran Dot and she made me Shepards Pie and it was glorious.
94. Star Wars cereal for breakfast is my favourite thing. 
95. Trying to make myself feel better by consuming all the Ben and Jerrys. 
96. The only Easter Egg I got was from work and I was going to eat it yet I still haven't.. 
97. Bubble baths make it all better right? 
98. Trying so hard to be healthy again by having breakfast smoothies but it's really not helping since I cant be arsed to make them half the time. 
99. My Burberry kisses sample came and it's just soooo pretty! 

So as you can see I haven't really done much worth blogging about recently, hopefully once I get all my work done I can do more things. I really hope these posts don't bore you since I'm never actually doing anything exciting with my life!

Have you been up to much these past few weeks?
K. x

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