Saturday, 25 April 2015

A Photo An Hour 16/4/15

Part of my 101 in 1001 was to do a Photo an hour post every month and I decided to do my first last Thursday! I'll admit that it was pretty annoying remembering I had to take the photos because I'm so forgetful, plus I had a few points where I was like 'I'm literally doing the most boring thing no one will care' but hey ho Thursday was fairly interesting I guess! Take a look.. 
9am - I'm wide awake and really don't want to move because my bed is so comfy.
10am - All dressed up smart ready for my court assessment, I may look calm but I was pure shitting it.
11am - Reading over my statement in preparation for my court appearance, it really did not help. Also it made me realise my signature is shocking and doesn't actually look anything like that on any of my official documents oops.
12pm - Shitting it for a difference reason now! Time to get my ankles tattooed and the designs are bigger than originally planned/anticipated.
1pm - Tattoo number 1 is done! This was more like half 1/20 to 2 but yano
2pm - Tattoo 2 is well underway, this picture was probably taken at like 20 to 2 or something but I didn't actually take one around 2 and well to be honest this little beauty was getting finished off.
3pm - I really needed food after 2 hours of being tattooed, and cheese on toast is my favourite.
4pm - New tattoos mean Bepanthen! I swear there is nothing more sticky or hard to wash off than bepanthen that hasn't soaked in fully!
5pm - I finally re-dyed my hair and I no longer have horrific roots or gammy coloured hair!
6pm - Crispy M&Ms are the only kind I eat and if you don't agree that they're the best then you're wrong.
7pm - I'm pretty addicted to The Vampire Diaries it's great to watch whilst I read journals or cook my tea!
8pm - I had Spag Bol for tea and it was amaze, I've been craving it for weeks so I was proper happy aha. 

9pm onwards wasn't extremely exciting it consisted of more Netflix, picking an outfit for the weekend and having an early night in prep for the weekend. I rather enjoyed putting together this post, I can't wait to pick a day in May, I just have to decide what day I want to do!

Do you enjoy this type of post? Have you do a photo an hour post, I'd love to see if so!
K. x
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  1. I love this post maaaan <3 cant believe you got two tattoos! on the same day! what!!!!
    I want more posts like this :))

    Dannie x

  2. I love this post! That was a pretty jam packed day. My days would not be half as interesting if I attempted this

  3. You certainly picked a great day to do this! :) I want a new tattoo sooooo badly but I have no idea of what to get! xx

  4. You had quite an exciting day actually... my day would consist of... well not a lot really!!