Friday, 3 April 2015

Cheer Up Buttercup..

This week I've been feeling pretty down, one of my best friends has moved away and it's upset me a lot more than expect, I have so much work to get finish I'm about to break down and everything else that's been going on has not making me a happy person so I decided to take sometime out to make myself feel better. It's definitely made feel a little less stressed and more relaxed about everything, so I decided to share what cheers me up here just in case you're feeling down and need some inspiration.

 1. Candles
Light some candles, no matter what candles always make my mood instantly better, I don't know if it's because they make everything look prettier or if it's because they fill the room with the most delightful smells. Even better light then whilst you're having a bath or reading a book, they make you feel instantly more relaxed.

2. Bubble Baths
Bubbles are proven to make you feel better honestly, (they're probably not) but a shit ton of bubble bath makes everything better. You get to lie in a hot bath surrounded by lush smelling bubbles, your skin gets softer because of them and you feel all nice and clean from it and it's just the perfect way to feel better and wind down after ridiculous amounts of stress.

3. Eat Eat Eat
Food is definitely proven to make you feel better, reach for some chocolate or icecream, chuck a pizza in the oven and stuff your face. It truly helps, when I'm down I can find myself eating an entire packet of custard creams in about 5-10 minutes no shame, a pizza will be practically inhaled and chocolate gone in seconds. Eat anything you want and as much of it and don't you dare feel the slightest bit guilty cause it'll make it all better, you can just eat all the fruit and veg the next day! 

4. Bake Something
For me baking is a great way to relax and make myself feel better, it's just so satisfying making something super yummy from scratch and then getting to eat it. Baking is also super fun and will take your mind off whatever is bugging you for atleast an hour, plus once you've baked you can make whatever you've made look super pretty by decorating it! Before eating it all up!

5. Watch a movie
Putting a cheesy rom com always puts me in a better mood, my favourites include Bridget Jones (especially when I'm feeling sorry for myself because it gives me hope that I have a Mark Darcy out there who will love me even if I wear silly knickers and if I swear too much), Friends With Benefits and Forgetting Sarah Marshal (these two just make me ridiculously happy and smiley.) If that doesn't work Cruel Intentions, Harry Potter and Star Wars also work for me. What works even more is if you combine this with eating all of the food. 

6. Read a book 
Before going to sleep on a day where I'm feeling extremely stressed, I always read a book it gives me something else to think about when I'm going to sleep. It distracts my mind which is what you want when you're super stressed and can't stop thinking about how much work you have to do. Pick something you've read before too an old favourite because they always work better 'cause you know what they say about books it's like having a family whos always there to just pick up when you need them. 

I hope my tips have inspired you, I'd love to hear how you cheer yourself up when you're down!
K. x
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  1. Hoping you feel a bit better soon sweetie! :) xxx

  2. Hope you feel better soon.
    And than you for this post, I really needed it this week

  3. Feel better soon baby girl <3 You know I'm always here for you if you need a rant :)

    Bubble baths cure all, and so does Ben and Jerrys! <3

    Dannie x

  4. Great tips! Hope you feel better soon xx