Thursday, 16 April 2015

These aren't the droids you're looking for.. // OOTD

First up sorry that this post is a jumble of Comic Con photos and actual outfit photos but I couldn't help but share a few from Comic Con too. But I really wish I could be R2D2 every day because I just I love the dress so much, it's such a comfortable material it's like thick cotton but not too thick and super soft. I also feel super adorable in it and kinda just want to walk about going Beep Bloop, Blop Bleep, Boop I'd probably get a few funny looks doing that though.
The dress was my first ever HotTopic order and I can honestly say it was worth every penny of customs. I wore it with the cutest white shoes from Daisy Street these are literally the comfiest things ever, I walked about from like 8am till 6 in them and they didn't give me any pain at all, like usually my ankles get super bad blisters but these didn't give me any and I love them for it aha.
But yeah I pretty much want to be R2 every day, I'm really tempted to get more 'geeky' dresses but I feel like at 21 I should be making my wardrobe a little bit more mature but then again I'd look pretty damn fine as a TARDIS! I feel like I should have kept this post until May 4th buuut I might just have to buy more Star Wars themed clothes between now and then for that occasion! 

What's your opinion on wearing dresses like this regularly? 
K. x
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  1. I love this dress!
    So quirky

  2. I love that dress, you look great.

    I tried to find a Dalek dress in the states but no luck (except in Disney where it was twice the price of the hot topic webste). Of course they then sold out of all ut XL online, so that happened, I really need to check whether it's back in stock... And I'm 24, no plans of growing up!

  3. What a cool dress!!

  4. Wear what you want lovely! You've got the figure and the attitude to carry it off! :) Looks great!