Tuesday, 14 April 2015

Tuesday Playlist, 14/4/15

So I'm finally bringing you a second playlist! All these songs have been on my dissertation playlist although two of them really make me want to go out so bad as they're always on at sumo or remind me of pre drinks! But it just motivates me more to finish so I can go out and get wrecked!

Hypest Hype - Oh man this song just makes me want to get drunk so much, to be fair all Chase and Status does but this one really makes me want to bounce about and get drunk. It's currently part of my motivation to finish my dissertation early so I can go out next week and get mortal and dance about like a dick. The song it'self to be fair there's not a lot I can say about it apart from it being full of energy and making me want to dance so bad.
Favourite lyrics; Go for a fight in the pub, me and mine are on a next hype!
Bodies- I just really like Bodies because it's soooo catchy and it reminds me of nights out. I know it's pretty much the same lyrics over and over but I really actually like the music in this one and that's about all I have to say really.
Favourite lyrics; Skin against skin blood and bone, you're all by yourself but you're not alone.
I slept with Someone in Fall Out Boy- I have literally been humming this song for about a week now no kidding, it's one of my all time favourite Fall Out Boy songs and the lyrics are the best thing about it no doubt. I love how angsty some of the lyrics are and I love how it has that classic FOB sound, and so many cliche sounding lyrics and ugh it's just simply perfect. I just love how Patrick sings my favourite lyrics too just I LOVE IT SO MUCH IT HURTS.
Favourite lyrics; So progress report: I am missing you to death. 
Halo - It's kinda hard not to like this song when it's played pretty often at work but to be fair it's so catchy and I love it when it comes on. I don't really listen to soil much but this song is one I've found I really like. I like how the vocals change between the versus' and chorus so much.
Favourite lyrics; Make a change, gotta rearrange, idle minds, crushing time, I am..all sins &you're the reason for life.
Brick By Boring Brick - To be honest this is one of the only post Riot Paramore songs I really like an I dunno if it's the lyrics or just because I really like Hayleys voice in it or if it's because once you get the 'Ba da ba ba da ba ba da' bit stuck in your head you can't help sing the entire song.
Favourite lyrics; Her prince finally came to save her & the rest you can figure out, but it was a trick &the clock struck twelve.

What do you think of this weeks song choices? Do you have any recommendations for me?
K. x
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