Tuesday, 21 April 2015

Tuesday Playlist, 21/4/15

This week we have a brand new song and more Fall Out Boy! Haha, I feel like this week is a fairly 'emo' playlist but oh man all these songs bar the Panic! & FOB one take me back to being 14/15 and I love them, I hear them and I feel pretty happy and could probably just spend hours clicking on related artists and reliving being 14/15 haha.

Hallelujah - Oh for once I have a 100% brand new song on the list, like the was literally only released on Sunday but oh man I have not stopped listening to it since. I won't lie since Pretty Odd I've barely listened to anything new by Panic! but the amount of hype Pete Wentz gave this on twitter there was no way I was passing it up. I love Brendon's voice it reminds me a bit of That Green Gentleman with the tone and the beat. I think I'm a little in love!
Favourite lyrics; Then the time for being sad is over, &you miss them like you miss no other, &being blue is better than being over it. 
Moment - Back in '08 I loved Aiden more than life itself, this song reminds me of being 14 so bad, wiL Francis &his lyrics were my favourite. This song has been one of my favourites for so long, to be honest Conviction was their last good album, I loved how it was so different to the older stuff yet still has such a emo lyrics. I don't think I'll ever fully grow out of Aiden, I always find myself listening to them! I always have the same lines in the songs I love as well and I doubt they'll ever change either!
Favourite lyrics; If love exists I will fall. 
The Mighty Fall- Oh what's this Fall Out Boy again? Shall we just accept I really love them? This song though I can't deal with with Big Sean's bit like seriously those lyrics are the greatest. I just love singing this I won't lie I genuinely sing it once a day. It's so catchy and I just really love the lyrics because I'm still unsure if it's meant to be a love song or not, if it is a pretty crooked love song but whatever the lyrics are great.
Favourite lyrics; Cause you think, you think your only crime is that you got caught. and - Hell yeah, I'm a dick, girl, addicted to you. 
Juneau- I don't think I'll ever not listen Funeral For a Friend they have some of the greatest lyrics (this song is a prime example) on top of that I love love love their tone and how they sound in general like this song is just urgh. I love it ok and have no other reason for it being in this weeks playlist aside from the fact I've played it about 20 times this week if not more.
Favourite lyrics; And I'm nothing more than a line in your book.
The Taste Of Ink - To end probably one of the most emo playlists I have shared it's The Used, this song oh man, I remember seeing them in Leeds in 2009 I think it was and getting so emotional when this was played, it just sounded so beautiful and me and my friends stood proper singing our hearts out and it was pretty cute to be honest. The song just cheers me I guess cause it reminds me of being at school and stuff.
Favourite lyrics; And won't you think I'm pretty, when I'm standing top the bright lit city.

Do you have any recommendations for me this week?
K. x
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