Monday, 11 May 2015

365 days of 2015, 121-126...

So the revision has began as have my last 3 weeks of university and I'm not sure what scares me more the fact uni is over in 3 weeks or the 3 exams I have to prepare for! Anyway days 121-126 were fairly eventful ones I guess, although my photo from Thursday is a blurry selfie but when you're finishing off your dissertation there's no time to perfect a selfie however I did feel fairly cute that day! Haha. I am however just going to accept the fact that food is my one true love in life, I bet when I do a 365 recap and look at my posts the majority of it will be food, and to be fair, I have no shame in that because I really truly do love food.
121. Blurry selfie whilst surrounded by papers and notes and many mugs of coffee/tea.
122. GOODBYE DISSERTATION HELLO ALCOHOL. Friday was a beautiful day, I submitted my lab books and my dissertation and promptly headed to the pub with my friend Michael for one to celebrate.
123. Is there any better cake from Greggs than an iced split? No I thought not.
124. I worked Bank Holiday Sunday and Empire had a giant Helter Skelter, I was too chicken to have a go though cause it looked pretty high.
125. Favourite chocolate bar ever!
125. Pizza Hut tea as a treat as I was feeling down and nachos make everything better ofc.
126. Technically I'm cheating cause this was Thursday however, I had cookie dough on Wednesday but because I'd reheated it I over cooked it and it didn't look as pretty aha. 

So a little bit of a more exciting week than the last, and I'm sure this week will be even more exciting as I've actually done things such as leave the house to go somewhere other than the gym / the library! 

How's your week been? Are you doing 365? If so I'd love to see!
K. x


  1. I love such a happy, easy going posts. Congrats on finishing your desideration. Visit me at You can follow me here:
    Have a lovely day, Iga x

  2. I love these posts :) I wish I did the 365 post :) maybe next year ey? <3

    Dannie x