Thursday, 21 May 2015

365 days of 2015, 127-140...

So I'm once again super late in doing my 365s but nevermind, I've been super busy with other things, my lifes pretty weird right now and I've been busy with uni and when I'm not busy with uni I'm catching up on sleep. However uni is over next Friday and that makes me feel so sick everything I think of it or it's mentioned because I'm not ready for that, Uni is like a safety blanket really since you're doing something but you're not a full adult, once uni is over you have to go out into the real world and I am not prepared to go there just yet. Anyway the past 2 weeks haven't brought too much, a little bit of blogger mail, some new things to read, a few bits of food but mostly revision, however I still took photos as I don't want to fail 365 days this year! Haha.

 127. Coffee With Currys blog event was a super fun I got to see my favourites &make cocktails!
 128. I might have accidentally bought some comics, totally worth it though.
 129. Best chocolate bar ever.
 130. I made mug cake and it was the best thing ever, I may share a recipe eventually.
 131. Revision topics are really not exciting.
 132. Blog Mail is my favourite, can't wait to wear this.
 133. I'm going to the seaside! So pleased I got a ticket.
 134. I got the first 5 Buffy comics and my god they're amazing, issue 5 has the best cover.
 135. I saw the second Avengers and it's so much better than the first.
 136. Went out for breakfast with a friend and had these beautiful waffles, couldn't finish it though </3
 137. My new top is the best, yes?
 138. Being invited to try Revolutions new menu was the best thing ever, this cocktail was amaze.
 139. Beca persuaded me to buy this and my god I'm so glad I did, it was so so good.
140. I don't really want to leave my bed this week look how comfy it is. 

How's your week been? Are you doing 365? If so I'd love to see!
K. x

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  1. Yesss I found someone who loves Bounty chocolate bars!!!! <3

    Dannie x