Monday, 4 May 2015

May The Fourth Be With You.. // OOTD

In hindsight I really hate myself for posting my R2D2 OOTD when I did because today would have been so much more appropriate but of course I was far too excited about sharing the dress with you I didn't even think to save it for May 4th. Anyhow I am still spending my day wearing Star Wars themed clothing to celebrate (I even have Star Wars underwear on that is how 100% cool I am today) I am no doubt going to spend my day watching them back to back because what else can you do? Last year I baked cakes and went out with my friends to a Star Wars themed night alas this year Chris/Nick are not here so I have no one to drag out so I shall be celebrating alone.  
The best part of this outfit is the shoes, it's one of the main reasons I decided to share it because yano the outfit itself is pretty boring and casual but the shoes are amaze. Best buy of the year, they're so pretty and urgh I want to live in them but I'm also scared to wear them too much in case they get ruined haha. Also the R2D2 mug is the greatest thing ever, it's from the Disney Shop and I pretty much drink everything out of it as it's the perfect size. 

Top, Primark
Shorts, H&M
Shoes, Vans x Star Wars, Schuh. 

Are you celebrating May 4th? Or are you not really a Star Wars fan? 

K. x
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  1. I honestly thought you would jus wear the dress again for this hahaha! Love the shoes like, they're soon shiny! xxx

  2. Fab outfit! Very fitting for today :D Love the tshirt and shoes, by the way you have a gorgeous figure!


  3. BABE.
    Those shoes are mint <3

    Dannie x