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Music in Movies, Tuesday's Playlist With a Twist 12/5/15

So at work I often spend a lot of time thinking about stuff and Saturday night was no different not long after we opened Son of a Preacher man was played and it instantly made me want to watch Pulp Fiction, this got me thinking about music in movies I love and thought oh hey that is such a good idea for Tuesday instead of doing a playlist of what I've listened to this week cause yano it gives people so good movies to go and watch too! I've included 10 songs, 2 from the same movie soundtrack but it's one of my favourite ever sound tracks so it's allowed. Of course there were hundreds of types of movies I could pick but after deciding on a few movies I felt like going down the 'cult classic' genre was a good idea, so here are 10 of my favourite 'cult classics' and the songs that always make me think of them from the soundtracks! So yeah here are some movies you should go and watch and my favourite songs from them!
 1. Young Hears Run Free, Kym Mazelle and this is the scene from the movie
First up we have Romeo & Juliet, this is quite possibly one of the best Shakespeare adaptations ever, if you've seen it you'll know exactly which song is on my list &why it is one of the funniest scenes ever, because lets face it Romeo & Juliet is quite a tragic tale and this just injected into the middle of it is brilliant. If you haven't seen this version I really could not recommend it enough just for this scene or for that ridiculous noise made by Juliet when she realises Romeo *spoiler alert* is dead.
2. Stand Up, The Prodigy. 
 I won't lie the Kickass soundtrack is one of the best movie soundtracks ever, like seriously it's one of my all time favourites and the song I have picked is one that is perfect for an alarm tone as it just makes me want to get up and do stuff. If you've never seen Kickass though I recommend you go watch it right now, I remember being a little excited to see it at the cinema and came out bought the graphic novel, preordered the DVD and fell 100% in love with it.  
3. People Are Strange, Echo & The Bunnymen (cover of the doors). 
 We're now heading to the 80s for an absolute classic 'horror' The Lost Boys, this is first up an amazing movie for anyone who likes either 80s movies or vampire movies. It's got some amazing lines, it's also got some amazing actors in it and just please watch it because it's just so good ok? But miss out the sequel cause that's not so good. The song I've picked from this movie is pretty much the opening song and it just sums the entire movie up.
4. The Killing Moon, Echo & The Bunnymen. 
 So Donnie Darko features twice, the first song is by Echo & The Bunnymen obviously they're a great addition to any movie soundtrack, I have no idea why this song makes me think of Donnie Darko so much buut it's probably because the song is absolutely amaze and I first heard it on the soundtrack so now whenever I hear it I just want to whack the DVD on and freak myself out because Frank is pretty creepy. If you've not seen this and you like something a little weird and mind fucky this is the one for you.
5. We Are Not Alone, Karla Devito. 
 Of course The Breakfast Club was going to pop up, and although Don't You Forget About Me is the usual choice, one of my favourite scenes is when they all dance because the film does focus on some harsh points but it is John Hughes and all his coming of age movies have that sort of theme when you think of it especially the brat pack ones but anyway the song I've picked always makes me wanna dance and watch the Breakfast Club. If you're one of the few who haven't seen it (since almost everyone has these days) watch it purely because it is an 80s classic.
6. Son Of A Preacher Man, Dusty Springfield. 
 Here we go the song that caused me to write this post, Pulp Fiction was a movie I had to watch a few times before I properly understood it, soon after Tarantino became one of my favourite directors, the movie really is a masterpiece and I instantly judge people who haven't seen it or don't like it, like how can you not?! Of course the most iconic scene and song is probably the one Vince & Mia dance to but I think by now we know I like to be different aha.
7. White Lines, Grandmaster Flash.
 Simon Pegg is my favourite man ever, like I have a seriously huge man crush on him no kidding (I have a thing for nerds ok?) and Shaun of The Dead was the first time I ever saw his beautiful face, and one of my favourite scenes is the one where Shaun & Ed come out the pub and sing White Lines at the Zombie but just think it's someone wasted. Favourite scene ever. I'm not even going to recommend this because surely you've seen it, pretty much everyone has seen Shaun of The Dead, it was on ITV2 every week for like 2 months!
8. Every Me And Every You, Placebo.  
If you follow me on twitter you will know that I love Sarah Michelle Geller and Cruel Intentions is one of her best (aside from Buffy ofc) it is one of my favourite 90s movies ever and the soundtrack is seriously good, I am bias when it comes to my favourite song though as I am a huge Placebo fan anyway haha. I don't actually know how to describe the movie, aside from it's about lies, deceit and sex but it's also about love and it's got some fairly funny parts. Although I always feel a little sad at the end but seriously it's a 100% 10/10 movie I would recommend to everyone.
9. Hip To Be Square, Huey Lewis and The News. 
 This scene makes me laugh every single time and I'm not sure if that's something to admit but oh man the way Christian Bale wiggles his hips dancing in a rain coat and talks about Huey Lewis and The News before becoming a psycho is just too much to handle. Oh yeah this movie is American Psycho by the way, and even though it's a bit of a mind fuck and about a serial killer it is absolutely hilarious in parts. This song has me laughing every time I hear it because I just think of this scene. You need to watch the movie just for the Paul Allen scene or just to see the little cutie that is Jared Leto is his little cute 90s glory when he's just a little baby! Also fun fact this song isn't even on the soundtrack but it is featured in the movie.
10. Notorious, Duran Duran.
Finally we're at number 10 and it's Donnie Darko again! First up the quote above is one the most quoted ones in the movie and whenever someone quotes it I'm instantly like omg lets be friends. The song is so damn catchy and tbh Sparkle Motion don't dance as well as Duran Duran in my opinion but yeah this song is great and so damn catchy! I think I just have a huge love of 80s music in movies tbh. aha.  

I hope you haven't judged me too much on my choice of movies or music, and to be honest I had a lot of fun writing this post I might start doing a themed one every month based on genre of music or movie soundtracks, I'm sure everyone would love to hear my musical picks or my favourite songs from Disney movies right? 

Do you buy / listen to many movie soundtracks? Have you got any cult classics you'd recommend watching? 
K. x
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