Friday, 15 May 2015

Would You Guess That I Didn't Know What To Wear?.. // OOTD

Have you ever seen a pattern so perfect for summer? In my bid to try and add colour to my wardrobe I am trying my hardest to pick something out that isn't black and as soon as this arrived in the post I wanted to live in it. It's bright and the pattern is so summery and to be honest Pineapple is my favourite fruit so it is perfect to me. I'd been eyeing it up on ASOS for quite a while then Erica posted an instagram pic alerting me that TK Maxx stock Sugarhill Boutique and before I knew it this little beauty was on it's way to me.
Anyway I wore this dress last week to the Joe Blogs Coffee With Currys event and I didn't want to take it off when I got home, I love how it swishes a little when I walk and I am in love with that neckline. I usually shy away from necklines like this but I'm definitely going to give them a better chance in the future, the same goes for colour, who knew it suited me so well? I'm honestly just so in love with this dress I never want to wear anything else again, Sugarhill Boutique have definitely captured my heart. I now have a wishlist the size of my arm, like seriously if anyone would like to donate some money to me so I can buy new dresses please feel free! I feel like I need this bright beauty for the summer, and this is the most perfect looking dress ever and oh man how pretty is this one?! I really fear for my wardrobe once I get a proper job!

Dress TK Maxx

K. x
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  1. You look so pretty!! I love this colour on you <3

    Dannie x