Friday, 5 June 2015

365 days of 2015, 141-154...

During my hiatus I happened to miss one of my 365 photos post however do not fear because I still managed to take photos, they really aren't the most exciting of photos and one of them technically I stole from a facebook page but it's the only photo I had saved to my camera roll from that day so hey ho. The past two weeks have been super hectic, I had 3 exams last week, worked the weekend before my exams oh and straight after my exams I went out and got super drunk all day so come Saturday I was 100% knackered. Last week I finished my third year of university but I have a completely separate post to come on that so keep your eyes peeled, aside from finishing university I've really just spent the past two weeks revising and then trying to relax after the exams were over. Anyway I am beginning to ramble so please enjoy the photos instead..
141. So I know I didn't take this but it 100% described my feelings that Thursday.
142. Dixy Chicken is the most beautiful fried chicken. FACT. Plus they deliver, what more do you need?
143. Rainbow drops are the best snack for when you're sad.
144. My uncle came to visit and took me out for a Frankie & Benny's.
145. Working all weekend on a bank holiday makes me super tired and I always end up in bed super early.
146. Post Exam 'Spoons all day brunch is the best.
147. Revision makes me buy icecream specifically gold magnums (which taste amaze btw).
148. Revision really makes me eat a lot of shit, this chocolate however is amazing, revising Mutagenesis on the other hand is not.
149. My final day of university actually happened, and I went straight from my exam to get drunk and it was the greatest day/night out ever, even if I don't remember half of the night but hey ho I was drunk and I had fun.
150. Having no uni work to do is extremely weird, so it was time for me to finish off books I have yet to finish.
151. Toffee pudding and cream is the greatest thing EVER.
152. I went on a beach trip with the forensic's lot from uni and it was super cute, I'm considering writing a blog post on it cause it was a proper lush day.
153. I swear all I eat is dessert! However cheesecake and writing blog posts was how Tuesday night was spent. 
154. After reading Daniella's post on books I decided to download Only Ever Yours even though I have a ton of books to finish but you can never have too many books on the go right? Also Daniella was right I am 100% hooked already! 

What've you been up to whilst I've been gone? Are you doing 365? If so I'd love to see!
K. x


  1. I always leave these posts hungry! I want cake so bad!!

    Danielle xo

  2. I swear down, you are always eating crap! Delicious, drool-worthy crap! Is that a body you're making in the sand? :') xxx

  3. I didn't know Dixy Chicken delivered, that's life changing information!

  4. I was right, and then it made you mad! Hahaha hope you've calmed down now!

    And I am so jealous of all the lovely dessert things you eat!

    Dannie x