Thursday, 25 June 2015

365 days of 2015, 155-175...

am exactly 3 weeks behind on this post and I apologise for that, however my life has majorly gotten in the way these past few weeks, it's not like I've been extremely busy doing anything super fun but I've been trying my hardest to sort my life out. I've pretty much spent most days applying for jobs and trying to find solutions to the fact that once Tuesday yes Tuesday the 30th comes I will be without a place to live which is super fun. I've also been struggling to actually sit down and write blog posts, mentally I just really want to crawl into bed and hide forever whilst binging on Netflix however that won't really help me. So my blog has suffered and that makes me sad but hopefully I'm going to be posting more often, things still aren't sorted and I still feel completely hopeless but blogging with hopefully take my mind off things for a bit, so here we have 21 days of 365, lets see how much food I've eaten haha.
155. Spoons Curry Club is the best. 
156. Stripes are my new favourite. 
157. Gran Dot bought me some new Cacti and they all look so pretty together!
158. I started a new book. Still haven't finished it however. 
159. I went home for a few nights, and gran Dot made me Mince and Dumplings for tea and it was amazing. 
160. Lush bubble baths are the best. 
161. I met Emma and we had cocktails and all the food ever and sat and had super nice chats for about 6 hours because thats what girls do. 
162. Beca the little cutie sent me the nicest little parcel.
163. Stress makes me eat my weight in sugar.
164. I'm starting to get all my summer freckles.
165. I read the Umbrella Academy by Gerard Way and it was everything I expected it to be, my 13 year old emo self will be thankful I finally picked it up and read it, 8 years on.
166. I also discovered that The Stand had been made into a comic series so I had to read it of course.
167. How cute is my new bedding from Gran Dot?!
168. I went to the pub with Emma and we came second in the quiz and that made it a good day, also this dress is my definite current favourite. 
 169. I went to the body shop event in town and it was so much fun, I can't wait to blog about it!
170. I finally got to wear the prettiest dress ever to go out with my friends. 
 171. Saturdays are made for watching the X-Files in bed.
 172. These are the dream. 
 173. This is my new favourite body butter from the body shop, it's smells amazing. 
 174. Having important meetings means I have to wear pretty dresses and look somewhat smart. 
175. My best friends from home came down and cooked me a three course mexican, and it was unreal. We even made home made churros keep your eyes peeled for a recipe coming soon!

What have you been up to recently? 
K. x

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  1. Hope everything starts looking up for you soon sweet :)

    LUSH bubble baths are the best :)

    Dannie x