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7 Reasons Why Everyone Should Watch Buffy The Vampire Slayer..

I feel like by now you all know that I absolutely love Buffy the Vampire Slayer, like majorly fan girl about it, I have no shame in the fact I do this. I know all the words to all the songs in Once More With Feeling and I'm pretty proud of that I won't lie. At the age of 8/9 years old I used to re-enact Buffy episodes with my best friends on the school field (people thought we were weird but we didn't care), I'm fairly sure Oz and Spike were some of my first TV crushes and well to be honest the show has so many amazing story lines and when I re-watched it later in life I realised how many amazing things are actually involved in it, like Joss Whedon is such a good writer man. 

I first decided to write this post forever ago, but I got sidetracked by life. However when everyone was raging about Avengers and how bad Joss Whedon is Buffy was brought into and I was just like Whoa guys like slate Avengers (FYI I enjoyed Avengers and thought he did go) but Buffy is sacred and Whedon's best work. People were saying it was awful so I felt it was my job to prove them wrong because yes there are some distressing story lines such as rape but really Buffy is amazing and here is why; 

1. Kick Ass Female Characters
So not only do we have Buffy, a female who is trains herself to be strong, she takes no shit from guys and is just all round bad ass ok? Then there's Willow who goes through so much like ridiculous amounts of shit and even when she's lost her shit she's still super powerful. The women are rarely perceived as weak, like people suggest Whedon does to women in his work. All the women in Buffy have there weaknesses and have moments where they cry and have break downs about relationships and just have general girl break downs yet they're still strong. That's what I love about Whedon he makes it real by having these things, if there weren't these things in the show it would probably be a little boring. 

2. It Dealt With So Many Real Life Issues
Ok so yes Buffy is set in a fictional universe with Vampires and such and has many things that don't actually exist within it but it does address many real life issues. We had Willow coming out and worrying she wouldn't be accepted and everyone adjusting to it, there was so many complaints about this when it happened but to me Willow is one of my favourite TV lesbians, it was never constantly in your face that she was and it wasn't used as a selling point of the show either. (Go Whedon). There were also many deaths to be dealt with, Buffy almost getting raped and the following depression. Whedon dealt with pretty much everything and there are so many life lessons to be learnt from the show. 

3. Amazing Halloween Episodes
My favourite episodes in a TV series are always ones that are a little bit extra special, in most series this is the Christmas one but in Buffy it's always Halloween and oh man some of the Halloween episodes are actually jumpy but they're definitely my favourites. You'd think a show that contained so much supernatural stuff would have used up a lot of ideas prior to Halloween but nope these ones are always something different. There's not much to say aside from if you have to pick any episode to just watch go Halloween. 

4. There Was A Musical Episode
Once More With Feeling is my all time favourite Buffy episode, making it into a musical episode was the greatest idea ever. It made the show a bit more light hearted after all the serious stuff that had gone on in the last few episodes/season. The songs are so catchy you'll catch yourself humming them for days, the whole concept of the episode is just brilliant though honestly. It explores a lot of the characters deep feelings because they end up singing them giving you proper insight into the characters. It's  just a really really good episode ok? 

5. The Diversity Of Characters
So this was another thing that was brought up when everyone was hating on Whedon that there is never any diversity. All white mainly male with stupid females who get caught up in female feelings and look weak is what everyone was saying. Buffy however has female leads and male characters that just cannot deal with the situations such as Xander who always ends up being the 'damsel in distress' and is forever letting his heart get in the way of things. There are also several different ethnic backgrounds and we have Willow who's Jewish so people cannot say Whedon doesn't do diversity because just look at Buffy guys. 

6. It Was Continued A Comic Book Series
Once the show was over it was decided to keep the series going as a Comic and it is the best decision EVER, ok so I've only read like part of season 8 and some of 10 buuut what I have read is brilliant, it follows the show on perfectly, they haven't made any changes to characters personalities either which is perfect. Like it literally picks right back up after season 7, and characters keep popping up from the series and you recognise them instantly. It is just a brilliant continuation to the series, the stories are just as good plus the art is pretty decent. 

7. Spuffy 
Finally one of my favourite things about Buffy, Spuffy, spoilers ahead if you haven't seen it so please don't read this bit if you plan to watch! So Buffy had a fair few throughout the show but to be honest Angel was just a whiney dick Spike was where it was at from the start, he was arrogant and a bit of a dick but I instantly loved him it was hard not to because he was also hilarious. As soon as there were little things between him and Buffy it became my OTP I ship it so hard and when it eventually happens I swear I could cry with happiness because they use each other but then he realises he loves her and it's just the most perfect story line ever ok? Among all the vampires, demons and super naturalness there is a love story that will make you cry by the last episode, and if you don't cry or feel a little emotional you're heartless. Anyway Spuffy is an amazing thing about Buffy. 

This was such a fan girly post but I have no shame, I felt super bad for Whedon when he left twitter due to haters because in my opinion he was an amazing writer and Buffy as a series really proves that. So really this was a 'I'm going to fan girl about Buffy but also defend Whedon' post more than just why Buffy is the best show ever. 

Are you a fan of Buffy? Or do you hate Whedons work? 
K. x
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  1. I'm obsessed with Buffy too, it really is the best show and I don't think I will ever watch something as good .. great writing, amazing characters, hilariously funny, heart breaking and so much fun! It had everything! x

  2. It's been so many years since I've watched Buffy it really was the best show! I miss it - will have to go back and revisit it all!

  3. I will have to give it a go, is it on Netflix? I am so obsessed with Netflix at the moment!

    Dannie x

  4. Spike/Dru forever!
    I love Buffy. I will always love Buffy, even if some of the seasons are a bit sketchy (first, fourth (? Riley season, eurgh, Riley) and seventh I'm looking at you). Pretty sure I still know all the songs. I might watch the episode again now, just to check.