Saturday, 25 July 2015

Flat Tour Pt 1 The Living Room..

Since I moved in almost a month ago I decided it was about time I shared some photos of the flat with you all, I've finally got everything how I want it and all my furniture built aha. I still need a rug for the living room but I'll sort that eventually I'm sure. When I moved in the flat had a sofa and a desk nothing else aside from standard bathroom and kitchen items so I had quite a bit to buy, however thanks to my family and some friends I now have a fully furnished and decorated flat so I'm happy. The flat needed so much cleaning too, it took me a good while to get it to a level where I was happy with it haha. Anyway Here's a peak into my Living Room..
Throw & Cushions from Primark. 
Plastic Antlers Sainsburys, Green plaque ones, the antler room &the other two gifts.  
Chair IKEA, Birdcage candle holder &house candle holder B&M. 
All Cactus &pots IKEA, bookends TK MAXX, books Barnes &Noble/Waterstones, Candles Primark, Vase Wilkinsons. 

Butterflies all antiques &Moth was a gift but both can be bought from the Weird &Wonderful.

I love the cactus shelves they're my favourite although I like my little 'geeky' section on the bookshelves too where I have a special shelf for comics and then my pop vinyls and Lego pieces. I'm really happy with how the living room looks, it may not be most peoples cup of tea, I know from what I've seen most bloggers have very minimal rooms are really quirky ones. Mine doesn't really have any theme to it but it perfectly sums me up. I love how cosy it is on a night and I honestly cannot wait until the winter, especially now I have Weasley it'll be so nice being able to have my own little Christmas tree and being able to curl up in the chair by the window to read while it rains and oh man I kinda love my little flat haha. 
I'm personally not really a massive fan of the fire place but I'm sure it'll grow on me eventually, right now though the novelty of having somewhere that is all my own is an amazing feeling, I absolutely love it. Not having to share with other people is amazing, having free reign over where I put stuff and what I have on display is amazing among the other perks of living alone. 

So there you have it my little living room, it's nothing much but I love it. Keep your eyes peeled for 2 more flat tour posts also! 

If you've done a home tour/room tour of your place I'd love to see! I'm really nosy like that. 
K. x
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  1. Wow, your living room looks lovely! I love the throw and that poison ornament. How hilarious!

    Rachael at

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  3. Oh I LOVE it! (Minus the butterflies because theyre evil :P)
    I can't believe how pretty you have it for your first place - ours was crap. Our house now, 4 years on, is still a work in progress haha
    Pretty jealous of your alcoves too!! Apparently no where sells nice bookshelves anymore and they'd be perfect for me.


  4. Ahhhhhhhh it's so cute! We move into our new house in a few weeks and have been furniture shopping today (we literally have NOTHING!) ... spent a fortune on sofa/bed and then traipsed round Ikea making a wish list that'll probably total £1,000s (I haven't added it up yet!) .. can't wait to put everything together and make our new home look lovely! x