Friday, 31 July 2015

Flat Tour Pt 3 The Bedroom..

Here we are the final installment of my little flat tour, my bedroom. It's kinda weird because my entire life I've pretty much spent the majority of my time living in my bedroom, at my mam's I'd hide away in then on my laptop or reading very rarely communicating with the fam and then once I moved to uni well your bedroom is pretty much where you live because housemates can be annoying and mess that isn't cleaned up gets on your nerves so you choose to hide from it instead aha. However since I moved in here, I only ever go in my room to get changed or to go to bed, I practically live on my sofa now it's so weird. However I still love how my bedroom looks plus it's where all my books are kept. 
Bedding Tesco, Bed IKEA, Alice in Wonderland print NOTHS. I am yet to change the curtains in this room but it's not really a priority right now so please don't judge me on them.
Lamp, TK MAXX.
Storage Boxes Sass &Belle, Incense box some goth shop in Lincoln, Hip Flasks Urban Outfitters, Lipstick Holder B&M, Ring Holders ASOS &BHS, Plastic Stag Head Christmas Decoration from Wilkinsons, Giraffe Skeleton Print Urban Outfitters.
So there we have it my flat tour is over and that is my bedroom, considerably smaller than the last but big enough since I have an entire flat to fit all my shit into. All the furniture is IKEA of course, the bed is quite possibly the comfiest thing in the world. I never thought an IKEA mattress would be so comfy! I also love that the bedroom has a built in cupboard with shelves in so I have all the shoe and beauty product storage ever.
I'm really happy with how uncluttered my bedroom is, I like that it's now literally just a place to sleep/relax with a book instead of being the place I do everything in. It's so nice having a room which is solely dedicated to being a room to do nothing in aha. 

I hope you've enjoyed having a peak into my little flat, honestly I don't think the novelty of having somewhere that is all mine and just for me will wear off, I don't think I ever want to live with another person ever again! I also can't wait to start adding more pieces to it, I definitely want some more wall art as most of my walls are bare. I also feel like I could do with atleast another 10 candles and more cactus aha. 

If you've shared your home on your blog I'd love to see!
K. x
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  1. Great post, I love the room! I have the same bookcase and it's so great, although I think mine will be overflowing soon...

    Bethan Likes

  2. I absolutely love the Alice quote above your bed! You also have some seriously gorgeous trinkets on your dressing table too!

    Rachael at

  3. Your room is adorable! I love how many books you have too haha :')

    Dannie x