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My Favourite Student Eats in Middlesbrough

Although it's called student eats all these places are perfect for everyone aside from the extremely obvious one. I've decided to share my four favourite places that are unique to Middlesbrough and 2 which somewhat are but aren't if you get me. 
We all know how much I love food and since moving to the 'Boro I've definitely tried many new places and I've definitely tried out all the breakfast waffles and pancakes in the town I'm fairly sure aha. When sorting my index page out I realised I share ALOT of food photos in my 365 posts yet never really mention the places themselves so here we have it, I'm going to ramble about food at my favourite places and why you should try it. I'm not good at remembering prices but I'm always poor and I'm sure the most I've ever spent at these places is £15. 
First up we have two options which are super obvious place to grab some food if you're on a budget/if you're a student. The students union actually does have good food, there full english breakfasts (above) are one of my favourites, they also do curly fries with cheese and beans and that is just perfect for lunch when you're starving after a 9am start. Plus with it being the SU it is so so cheap, obviously this one is only available to students. The Swatters Carr is my favourite ever Wetherspoon's I've ever been to the staff are always friendly and the locals are great to watch from the window seats or even just inside the pub itself to be honest. The foods also good, I know you can't really go wrong with a spoons but some just taste a bit grim compared to others and I've never had a bad meal at Swatters, plus they have a quiz on a Wednesday night which is amaze. 

 The Olde Young Tea House, Grange Road.
This place has one of the best selections of tea I've ever seen, I'm pretty determined to try most of them, although the Amaretto and Black Coffee one is hands down my favourite. So damn good. This place has been featured on here quite a few times to be honest, but it really does deserve all the raving I do about it. The girls are absolutely lovely and super friendly and well the cakes are just unreal. Following their instagram is the worst thing when you're trying to be healthy, seeing the cake of that day makes you want to go in straight away aha. Oh and the cheese scones are definitely worth a buy too.
If you're in Boro and fancy something a little bit fancy and super instagram worthy this is definitely the place for you. It also doesn't break the bank like many tea shops do. Oh and their afternoon tea is pretty good for £8 also (read about it here).

 The Southfield, Southfield Road.
Technically this one is like a chain cause they're ran by stonegate pubs however I have visited other ones and I dunno the Southfield just has something the others don't. Maybe it's the decor I really like that or the music. However the food is such good value, I love the place. They have everything you could ever want to eat especially super filthy big breakfasts for a hangover cure oh and the best desserts. The Red Velvet Cheesecake is amazing, I'm going to learn how to make it because it is the best thing invented ever. The also do really good cocktails, and on Thursdays they're 2 for £10 so it's definitely worth popping into.

Manjaros, Linthorpe Road.
 THIS IS MY FAVOURITE FOOD PLACE IN BORO OMG. Seriously hands down best place. I'm personally not a massive fan of chicken and absolutely hate when people suggest going to Nandos because what's so exciting about chicken nothing really it's not that great however after a friend took me to Manjaros last summer my life has changed I now rather like chicken but still think Nandos is pretty shit. When describing Manjaros to people who aren't local I always describe it as a cheap Nandos since it's menu is made up of chicken and they have the most amazing sauce, one day I will steal a bottle I swear it's just so good. Oh and the prices of the chicken are amazing, I often get a chicken wrap and I think they're usually about a fiver oh and you get student discount! They have great veggie options too like pasta so you're not stuck with mushrooms or a bean burger! Even if you're not too bothered about chicken it's worth a trip in to have some of their cheesecake it's probably my favourite in the area. There are so many choices and all the ones I've had have been unreal, seriously try the Jammy Dodger one you'll never look back!
Basically if you want good super cheap food but amazing quality go to Manjaros everything there is amazing. Also they sell massive Parmo's which are a Middlesbrough specialty.

Pixies Diner, Linthorpe Road.
This place is the one for breakfast and brunch more than main meals, I mean don't get me wrong their main courses are pretty good the mac and cheese is the cheesiest gooest thing ever however for me it's all about their breakfasts. Every time I walk past I desperately want to go for breakfast, the portions to me are pretty big but that might just be because I don't eat loads in one go aha. However it's definitely worth it, the waffles are light and the pancakes are fluffy. The sausages are amazing and the egg yolks are always perfectly runny, I went with a friend who poured maple syrup on his crispy potatoes whilst there and even that was amazing to taste. They also do milkshakes which are super yummy although they are pretty filling so be careful!
If you're not overly bothered about food it's still worth popping in as they have some amazing 1950's decor and it's like being transported back to what I imagine an American Diner looked like in the 50s.

So there we have my favourite places to eat in boro, of course there's your standard chains and some 'fancy' places but I rarely venture to them unless it's maccies of course aha. Seriously though all these places sell such good food and really don't cost you much at all (if it did I wouldn't visit aha).

What's your local favourite food place? What do you think of mine? 
K. x

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