Thursday, 23 July 2015

The Exante Diet My Opinion

So I've been working ridiclously hard these past two years to try and get a body I'm happy with, I'll admit what I have achieved has mostly been through working out my diet is still pretty horrendous so when I saw bloggers were wanted to try some new diet products by Exante I knew I had to give it a try, surely healthy eating could taste good and weight loss food products can be nice right? I eagerly awaited my parcel in the post and was so excited when it arrived, however I then moved house and released I didn't have a microwave and had to wait two until I did to try most of the products! 
^ These are the Sweet and Sour Noodles, before this I'd never had noodles (weird I know) and was a little bit apprehensive about trying this dish as I'm not a massive fan of sweet and sour sauce. However these were lovely, the noodles weren't as soggy as I expected and the sauce was more of a curry sauce than a sweet and sour one which was a pleasant surprise. 
^ Gooey Salted Caramel Pud this dish I was super excited about as dessert is my favourite thing ever and I can never find a good tasting healthy one. The taste of this was odd, I feel like maybe I could have done with some cream with it or something which completely defeats the point of it. The pudding had a weird texture a little rubber like mug cakes sometimes turn out to be. I can't describe the taste but I do know I personally didn't enjoy it. Maybe I cooked it too long or put too much water in? Who knows? 
^This was my favourite product, I love pancakes they're so easy to make and they taste so so good, these Maple Syrup Flavoured Pancakes were perfect for breakfast, so quick and easy to make. I normally hate pancake mixes and have really big issues using them because for some reason I can never cook them even though they're from a packet.. Odd I know. However these were great to make and had a fluffy texture and tasted so good. Admittedly I did pour some more maple syrup on top because I just can't control myself/my sweet tooth.

I also absolutely loved the Chocolate Coconut Bar which was kinda like a bounty, I was a little weirded out when I saw the inside cause I was like what this isn't coconut?! But oh man it tasted so good but then again you can't ever go wrong with chocolate and coconut can you? The Chocolate Orange Bar was also a good shout so good, I'm considering buying more!

Personally I haven't lost anything through eating Exante but really my weight doesn't seem to shift much and I didn't really do a length of time that would make a massive difference to my body. However the products did prove to me that diet meal's can taste really good and not be cardboard like! So I'd definitely recommend them solely based on the taste of them!

Have you tried Exante products? 
K. x
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