Monday, 13 July 2015

Tips For Cooking Solo with Age UK

Cooking for one can be such a pain, I know I for one have struggled especially when I want food such as Lasagne or Shepard's pie you know foods that have sauces which only come in massive family size jars and there is no way you could possibly eat all of it. Cooking for one also comes with the struggles of the whole mentality that is oh well I'm only cooking for me so I can't be bothered to go all out with effort I'm just gonna have a ready meal, which is really not good for you!

Age UK have complied a list of tips for cooking for one which are brilliant, one of their tips is to freeze things and I couldn't agree more with this. I freeze so much, as someone who lives alone I constantly freeze loaves of bread, it makes it so much easier as it doesn't go to waste and you just have to defrost a slice or two which takes no time at all. Age UK advise you to only freeze fresh / freshly cooked foods and these can be kept up to 6-9 months which if you ask me is great. You can check out the rest of their tips online here, these also include what foods everyone should have in their cupboards as they're great meal bases.

Here are my tips, all of these have been life savers whilst being at uni and now I'm living alone I know they'll definitely come in handy too;

  • If you're making Lasagne make a huge dish of it, after serving and eat what you want and leave it to cool. Once cooled you can cut it into portions and freeze them separately this is perfect for nights where you can't be bothered to cook as it's just like having a home made ready meal straight from the freezer! This also works well with other dishes such as Shepard's Pie and such. 
  • Freeze your gravy if your make a Sunday lunch, left over frozen gravy is a life saver and it helps reduce waste which is super cost effective. 
  • Plan your meals before you do a food shop, planning for the week ahead will not only save you money but also time as you'll know what you're going to have each night and can plan around your schedule. 
  • If you have a slow cooker take full advantage of this, you can put it on before you go to work making it so much easier for you when you get home. I know when I've had a long day I can never be bothered to cook, however whilst you've been out all day your dinner has been cooking it's perfect. You can also freeze what you don't eat!
  • Mug meals / mug cakes, pintrest is your best friend for this, I've discovered so many meals that can be cooked in a mug and it's perfect for a quick lunch or dinner when you really can't be bothered. Mug cakes too, oh man mug cakes are amazing the amount of times I want cake but can't be bothered to go buy more or make a proper one mug cakes come in they're so quick and easy to make and taste amazing. 
  • Always have tins of beans in the cupboard, you can have baked beans with anything I'm not even kidding, on toast, with mash, with chips and sausage, with toad in the hole, in a sausage casserole seriously the list of things you can do with baked beans is endless. 

I know my tips are pretty basic but seriously, freezing stuff is the best thing I've ever done like it seriously saves me so much time and the amount of food that doesn't go to waste is amazing!

Have you got any cooking tips? 
K. x
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